Thrive at Five: The Secrets of Long-Term Family Philanthropy
National Center for Family Philanthropy
If you are a newer family foundation with one or two generations on the board, five generations may seem like a long time away. Yet in family philanthropy, quite a few foundations have been operating
The Giving Journey: Guiding New Donors to Actualized Philanthropy
Open Impact
The field of philanthropy has primarily been built around the more tactical aspects and the how of giving while taking the why for granted. It has made the assumption that a purely rational approach
Assessing Tax Reform's Impact on Private Foundations and Recent Guidance Involving Donor Advised Funds
PwC Private Company Services
Private foundations assessing the impact of the tax reform legislation (HR1) signed into law on December 22, 2017 should look beyond the private foundation-specific proposals that were not included
Impact Investing: Seeking Measurable Social and Environmental Benefits While Pursuing Financial Return
Ascent Private Capital Management
Impact investments can be made in all corners of the world, in frontier and emerging markets, developed economies and our local neighborhoods. When successfully implemented, impact investing can
Family Ties: Multigenerational Family Foundation Board Engagement
Surdna Foundation and Center for Effective Philanthropy
When John E. Andrus established the Surdna Foundation in 1917, he probably did not imagine the ways in which his descendants would engage with one another as leaders and stewards to steer the
Philanthropy in a Time of Disaster—Preparing, Responding, Recovering
U.S. Trust Family Office
Because disasters—hurricanes, earthquakes, wild fires, epidemics, large-scale acts of terrorism—touch every facet of life, and all corners of the world, all donors have opportunities to
At a Glance—Passing the Torch: Next-Generation Philanthropists
BNP Paribas Group and The Economist
Wealth amassed by affluent individuals is being channeled into family foundations, increasingly led by millennials. They sit at the crossroads between the forces driving the millennial generation and
Passing the Torch: Next-Generation Philanthropists
BNP Paribas Group and The Economist
For a number of philanthropists, philanthropy is a family affair: a means of passing on key values to the next generation as well as giving back or doing good. How are millennials in family
Sharing Values Through Philanthropy
Anne B. Hennessy, Hawthorn, PNC Family Wealth
You may have a plan to transition your tangible assets, but what about your intangible assets such as your values, family history, and personal experiences? Knowing and understanding your values can
Engaging the Next Generation: Philanthropy
GenSpring Family Offices
Many children of philanthropic families are raised in a consumerism culture, surrounded by affluence. Exposing them to the needs of the world can enhance their empathy for others and reduce judgment