Recasting the Central Role of the Family Office as Risk Manager: The New Imperative as Family Risk Manager

October 2006

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Many financial families struggle to make consistently better decisions than the average investor. Today’s wealth owners and office executives alike must ensure that they make decisions with the complete understanding of what the family values, what the family has at risk, and how those risks can be managed. Only in this manner will the family position itself for better-than-average decision-making and better-than-average outcomes. This study provides:

  • Best practices for addressing risk and effectively navigating adversity as it arises 
  • The four pivotal goals that make a difference to the long term financial sustainability of a family 
  • A six step process for managing family risk

Designed for family offices that recognize the need for a comprehensive view of risk management, this is a guide to designing and implementing mitigation strategies and measuring results that support the goals of the family. This comprehensive resource draws upon risk management interviews and case work with more than 100 families, is informed by 16 interdisciplinary risk experts, and incorporates tools used by Fortune 500 companies and governments.   

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