Results Oriented Trusts: Balancing Settlor Intent with Beneficiary Needs


More and more families are looking to ensure that their philosophy and values align with their goals in creating trusts. A results-oriented trust is one that has been particularly designed as a tool to encourage beneficiaries’ behaviors in their realms of work, charity and socially responsible choices. Often times beneficiaries feel guilty, embarrassed or even anxious about their trusts, compared to the stereotype of the entitled beneficiary. This webinar provided insight on structuring trust documents to balance settlor’s intent with the needs of the beneficiary.   

Participants will learn:

  • The definition and purpose of a results-oriented trust
  • Trust design  to balance autonomy and accountability for beneficiaries
  • The use of guidelines vs. requirements in trust language
  • The integral role of family communication in the development of a good trustee-beneficiary relationship

Date Published: Wednesday, May 8, 2019

This webinar recording is available to FOX members and is available for purchase by FOX Public Network Guests.