Simply Tax Podcast: Simply the People Stuff


“I’m 100 percent not you, and you’re 100 percent not me.”— Find out why that powerful reminder from guest Cassie Atteberry is the key to making the “people stuff” easier for you, your family, and your organization. In this episode, Cassie joins host Damien Martin to share insights to help you to show up as the best version of yourself, build higher-performing teams, and deliberately create a healthy and successful organizational culture.

  • Why is the people stuff so hard? @ 2:09
  • What are the areas to focus on to make it easier? @ 6:49
  • What is coaching and how can it help? @ 10:12
  • How do you develop team and talent? @ 14:41
  • Does culture always trump strategy? @ 27:54
  • Why does culture matter for a family office? @ 30:35
  • How do you lead amid the current environment and build resilience? @ 34:33 

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