Standing Out in the Crowd: Strategies for Marketing and Leveraging Relationships

March 2011

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Marketing plays an increasingly important role in determining sales success for private wealth advisory firms. Many firms have enhanced their service offerings and have a compelling new “story” to tell. At the same time, new entrants continue to crowd the marketplace, making it more difficult for prospective clients to distinguish among service providers. This study:

  • Examines the state of marketing in the private wealth industry, specifically reviewing the structure of marketing resources, branding challenges, and current marketing practices of firms.
  • Explores in detail the three essential marketing strategies needed for successful sales outcomes
  • Uses cases studies from actual practitioners to highlight how today’s forward thinking firms are applying marketing strategies in the competitive marketplace  to get results

This study examines the state of marketing in the private wealth industry and will benefit professionals who are looking to elevate their brand in the private wealth market.

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