The State of the Ultra-Wealth Advisory Business

May 2019

The 2019 FOX Multi-Family Office and Wealth Advisor Benchmarking Study provides insights on the direction of the Ultra-Wealth business and can be used as an ongoing reference for you and your colleagues. Key insights in this year’s study include the following:

  • Despite market volatility, revenues and sales grew briskly in 2018.
  • Increasingly firms have made their pricing structure more adaptable helping them receive compensation for “strategic services,” including planning, advice, and education.
  • Member firms continue to recalibrate their talent strategy as new employees progress through the stages of hiring, development, and retention.

This executive summary provides some key insights into this year's study. The full report is only available to firms that participated in the study. If your firm participated, please contact your FOX Relationship Manager to obtain a copy of the report. 

This document is available to FOX Members only.