Take the Long-Term View

February 2020

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Revised Feb 2020
Originally Published in 2014 

As the scope of a business-owning family’s activities expand and the family grows across generations, the organic shift from a business-centric family to a family-centric enterprise or “family enterprise” begins. The family is faced with the issue of how to preserve the family wealth and well-being beyond the first generation.

Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t the size of the fortune that determines a family’s ability to build a successful family enterprise. Instead, family members must have a shared outlook that is characterized by a long-term view and rooted in a common sense of purpose, together with a proven set of behaviors and practices that enable success.

We bring these best practices to life by offering a Family Enterprise Framework, which demonstrates how several systems, processes and disciplines must come together in an integrated fashion to form the family enterprise structure.

In this paper we:

  • Explain what “taking the long-term view” means
  • Document characteristics of a successful family enterprise
  • Describe the Family Enterprise Framework and identify 12 corresponding building blocks
  • Provide an assessment tool that can be utilized to develop an action plan to strengthen the family enterprise

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