Tax and Estate Plans


Estate Planning After Tax Reform
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In late 2017, the sweeping tax reform was passed in the United States and created incredible opportunities for estate planning for high-net-worth families.

Carried Interests and Investment Management Fees: Certain Tax Reform Changes for Fund Managers
Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease

Family office investment vehicles often are organized as limited partnerships or LLCs treated as partnerships for federal income tax purposes.

Tax Reform 2018: How Different Types of Taxpayers Will Be Impacted

There has been a lot of speculation and confusion about the impacts of the most recent tax reform, with many asking if they have to pay more taxes.

What Your Estate and Trust Plans Say About Your Legacy
Hawthorn, PNC Center for Financial Insight

Words committed to paper, stories shared in print or video, and family histories portrayed in a personal documentary can contribute to your legacy.

Tax Reform and Philanthropy: Exploring Why and How You Give
Hawthorn, PNC Center for Financial Insight

For the majority of Americans, the tax overhaul has altered or reduced many of the financial incentives for making charitable donations.

Business Planning Opportunities After Tax Reform
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The new tax laws have answered many of the concerns and wishes of the business community—reducing corporate tax rates, providing business deductions, and fine tuning business-related sections of th

Nine Planning Opportunities After Tax Reform
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Now that the new tax reform is in place, it’s time to consider the impact it may have on you and your family and determine what steps may be appropriate based on your specific financial goals and c

Trust Basics
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Originating in English common law, trusts have been used for centuries to manage holdings of the wealthy. Even though trusts are quite common, many people may find them hard to understand.

Benefits Legal Update: First Quarter 2018
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In December, President Trump signed a new tax bill into law that is the largest tax overall since 1986. Learn how the new bill may affect your employee benefits programs.

The New Tax Law and Charitable Giving
Schwab Charitable and Schwab Center for Financial Research

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act went into effect on January 1, 2018, and some experts suggest there could be a significant impact on charitable giving.