Technology in the Family Office: Navigating New Solutions

Technology in the Family Office: Navigating New Solutions

November 2015

The rapid changes in technology are all around us and the latest financial technology developments feature in the news daily.  But what does it mean to the family office? What developments should a family office be focusing on?

The 2015 FOX Technology in the Family Office white paper, sponsored by US Trust, will help you answer these questions: There are new developments in cloud-based applications and infrastructure appearing in the wealth management market that can be applied in the family office setting. These solutions afford greater data security, remote access and integration than ever before – often for comparable or lower cost over time

  • Cloud-based solutions have the potential to change the way the entire staff and client base interacts with each other and require a new mindset when it comes to investment in technology
  • The sheer speed of technology development coupled with the dramatic increase in technology adoption rates for family clients in other parts of their lives creates a sense of urgency for today’s family office. Family offices must act to remove outdated systems and processes in order to keep pace with modern business practices in office efficiency, service levels and execution.
  • The good news is that there are two significant shifts in wealth management technology that have occurred over the last few years that can positively impact product selection and investment: Internet/Cloud delivery of wealth management applications and functionality

The 2015 FOX Technology in the Family Office white paper can act as your tool in determining what is right for your family office.

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