Transformation of the Ultra-Wealth Business

May 2018

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How Clients, Employees and Pricing are Making an Impact

We are entering a transformative period for the ultra-wealth business. It is driven by a tectonic shift of demographics that is leading to an enormous transfer of wealth, monetization of private businesses, and a new workforce that will define the future.

By pairing findings from the 2018 FOX Multi-Family Office and Wealth Advisor Study with in-depth observations from FOX subject matter experts, Transformation of the Ultra-Wealth Business: How Clients, Employees and Pricing are Making an Impact can serve as a useful resource for those seeking insights on the evidence and impact of major transitions in the business and how leading firms are responding.

This study is organized into four sections:

  • Executive Summary
  • Opportunities in Private Business and Family Transitions
  • How Advisors are Addressing Talent Market Trends
  • Structural Changes in Pricing and Their Impact on Revenues

After reading the report and sharing it with your colleagues, we think you will possess a greater understanding of the following:

  • Opportunities and challenges associated with private businesses and families in transition.
  • Progress that leading advisor firms are making in harnessing their culture to attract talent and lengthen their tenure with the firm. 
  • Fundamental change in pricing structure that is being driven by what clients need and value.

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