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Family Office Best Practices for Selecting Enterprise Software: A Comprehensive Approach to a Critical Business Decision
Plante Moran
There’s no doubt that leveraging new technologies and cloud-based solutions offers family offices opportunities to innovate, lower spending, and align their overall technology strategy to
A Deep Dive into DEI, Part 2: Using Investing to Bring DEI Goals Within Reach
While implementing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) has benefits in all walks of life, the investment marketplace is a highly impactful arena for driving DEI outcomes. After the first part of
A Deep Dive into DEI, Part 1: Why Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Dominate the Conversation
Research has convincingly shown that having diversity of opinions and backgrounds is positively correlated with better decision-making and long-term results. In this two-part series, a deep dive
The Amazonization 2.0 Trend Shaping Innovation in Asset Management
Online platforms are reshaping business dynamics, putting customers in charge and forever altering the customer experience. As Asset Managers weigh the critical decision of whether and how to embrace
The Watsonization 2.0 Trend Shaping Innovation in Asset Management
Artificial intelligence is quickly transitioning from curiosity to critical cog in efforts to monetize data and power applications from front to back office. Given asset management’s reliance
The Uberization 2.0 Trend Shaping Innovation in Asset Management
Uber rethought and deconstructed the traditional value chain in its industry to create a new technology-enabled business model centered on enlisting the capabilities, assets, or knowledge of
The Twitterization 2.0 Trend Shaping Innovation in Asset Management
Technology has transformed how businesses communicate with—and learn from—their customers. Despite historic hesitancy on the part of many asset managers, driven in large by regulatory
The Googlization 2.0 Trend Shaping Innovation in Asset Management
Data-smart companies are learning how to access, aggregate, and distill competitive knowledge from a vast sea of previously inaccessible information. While there will be asset managers who resist the
What You Need to Know about the Corporate Transparency Act
Foley & Lardner LLP
The Corporate Transparency Act (the CTA) is the first significant update to the U.S. anti-money laundering laws in 20 years and gives FinCEN significant authority to adopt necessary regulations to
Cybersecurity and Cloud Solutions
Risk Strategies Company
The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an acceleration of adoption of cloud solutions and other remote access tools. However, hasty adoption of any new technology that is not combined with robust security