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5 Ways Managers are the Answer to Employee Engagement
We’ve all heard the terms “quiet quitting,” “quiet firing,” and the “great resignation” that point to the need for better employee engagement, which is a
Public Webcast: 2023 State of the Ultra-Wealth Business: Balancing Growth and Demand
A new era of family wealth has driven an explosive growth opportunity for providers and placed far greater demand on their resources. This webcast will cover our perspectives on the changing nature
2023 MFO / Wealth Advisor Research Teaser Report
Family Office Exchange
As we move into a wealth 3.0 era, advisors will continue to navigate new and changing client needs. FOX’s annual Multi-Family Office and Wealth Advisor study provides insights into this changing
Rethinking Restrictive Covenants: Delaware Courts’ Movement in Favor of the Restricted
Cozen O'Connor
Given the latest court decisions in Delaware and the Federal Trade Commission’s announcements on restrictive covenants, it’s becoming clear that employers will need to rethink or halt
Compensation Committee Priorities for 2023
The importance of talent continues to be a factor in driving an organization’s success. As a result, many compensation committees have expanded their roles and responsibilities beyond executive
Wealth 3.0 in Practice: Harnessing the Power of Positive Attention
Dr. James Grubman, Dr. Dennis T. Jaffe, and Kristin Keffeler
With the shift moving away from a fear-based approach to a more positive paradigm, Wealth 3.0 presents the way forward in the wealth advising community. In practice, Wealth 3.0 empowers family
New Data, New Trends: What You Need to Know About Employee Engagement in 2023
Engaged employees perform with passion, enthusiasm, and connection—they are often your star performers who you don’t want to lose. But in today's workforce environment, just
Quiet Quitting: What Does it Mean for Your Practice?
Quiet quitting is not new to the workforce, but it is on the rise and is a growing concern for organization leaders. What exactly is a “quiet quitter?" It's an employee
Professional Services Playbook: Megatrends and Questions to Consider in an Evolving Industry
Plante Moran
Professional services firms are under immense pressure to innovate, accelerate digital transformation, and meet stakeholder demands. From transparent ESG reporting to investments in new technologies
The Value of Personalized Advice
The Vanguard Group
What is the value of financial advice? This question is of utmost importance to financial advisors, investors, and the finance industry in general. By putting a number on the value of their advice,