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The Talent Problem, Revisited
Baker Tilly
Attracting and retaining talent was a significant problem for many organizations before the COVID-19 pandemic, and it continues to be a major issue across most industries. While the pandemic
2022 Commercial Property and Casualty Market Outlook
USI Insurance Services
An influx of new insurers has helped expand overall capacity in the U.S. insurance market. As the market begins to stabilize, commercial insurance buyers that maintain quality risks with strong data
2022 Employee Benefits Market Outlook
USI Insurance Services
The C-suite faces tough operational obstacles as competition for talent remains fierce and employers experience higher-than-average turnover. In navigating the challenges, this report addresses the
Wealth 3.0: From Fear to Engagement for Families and Advisors
Dr. James Grubman, Dr. Dennis T. Jaffe, and Kristin Keffeler
With the passage of time, the fear-based approach of Wealth 2.0 has evolved to a more positive, strengths-based paradigm. This new approach—the Wealth 3.0—is a call to action for greater
Sharing a Family Office Advisory Relationship?
Plante Moran
The family office 5.0 model is changing how advisors deliver services. Strategic partnerships can help family office service providers better focus on delivering core value-added offerings. A
Guide to Ransomware Prevention: Cybersecurity Leading Practices
Baker Tilly
By implementing proactive controls, organizations can minimize the chance of falling victim to a ransomware attack. This guide explores these eight leading cybersecurity practices, with critical
Business Ownership at a Crossroad: Key Questions for Planning What's Next
Cambridge Associates
Although business-owning families have foundational reasons for staying invested, most at some point will contemplate whether, when, and how to divest. By asking five key questions, a business owner
Risk In Context Podcast: Cyber Incident Management Best Practices
Marsh McLennan Agency Private Client Services
Facing more frequent and intense cyber threats, it’s vital that businesses are prepared for the attacks. In this episode of Marsh’s Risk in Context podcast, learn how organizations can
Strategic Growth Plans: The Basics, the Barriers, and the Pivot to Success
Baker Tilly
Successful strategic growth planning occurs when a company identifies opportunities for growth and then focuses its organization to be efficient and effective in the pursuit of those opportunities.
Retaining Talent During the Great Resignation
During the Great Resignation, retaining talent has become a big challenge for many employers who know that losing talent can be costly and high-performing employees are difficult to replace. While