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Your Heirs and Wealth: Fostering Purpose
Without the usual financial pressures of family wealth, how do you teach your children about money, work, and personal responsibility? Because the stakes are high, begin with the family fundamentals
Employer Guide to COVID-19 Vaccination
Cozen O'Connor
For employers seeking guidance on how to address a COVID-19 vaccination policy, this guide outlines key points when considering whether to go with a mandatory or voluntary vaccination policy. It
Developing a COVID-19 Vaccination Program
HUB International Personal Insurance
The unprecedented timeline of the COVID-19 vaccine becoming available has raised concerns about its safety and efficacy. As the vaccines become more widely available, employers have a responsibility
Integrating COVID-19 Vaccines into Corporate Wellness Strategy
HUB International Personal Insurance
The COVID-19 vaccine will play a primary role in prevention and be a significant factor in keeping employees healthy and at work. Through a series of FAQs, learn more about the vaccine’s impact
Human Cyber Risk—The First Line of Defense
AIG Private Client Group
By understanding the vulnerabilities of human error, more can be done to address them and build greater cyber resilience. It begins with replacing the term ‘human error’ with ‘
Portfolio Construction: A Blueprint for Private Families
Cambridge Associates
To build an investment portfolio that is best positioned to meet a family’s long-term goals, a deep understanding of the influencing factors unique to each family is required. Without it,
The War on Retirement Plan Fees: Is Anyone Safe?
Chubb Personal Risk Services
Even the most well-run, retirement plans can be the target of an excessive fee claim, which can cost millions of dollars to defend and/or settle. With the surge in litigation on the plan fees, it
Beyond COVID-19: Vaccines and the Workplace, Understanding Employment Law and Vaccines
HUB International Personal Insurance
As the COVID-19 vaccine becomes a larger part of the national conversation, employers will need to assess and/or develop a vaccination policy and plan. Employer-driven vaccination programs require a
Real Estate Tech, Taxation, and Representation
Real estate has always been a tax-advantaged investment class, especially in the U.S. where rules allow you to shelter income or cashflow through depreciable losses and other mechanisms. For the
NOW Podcast: Exploring the Future of Energy with Daniel Yergin
Brown Advisory
The stakes are high: climate change is creating an urgent need for a lower-carbon economy, and the Biden administration will face the daunting challenge of reigniting the U.S. economy in the wake of