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Technology in the Family Office: Navigating New Solutions
The rapid changes in technology are all around us and the latest financial technology developments feature in the news daily.  But what does it mean to the family office? What developments
Managing Culture with the Clarity, Behavior & Results You Need
Culture is a hot topic. It was the Merriam-Webster “Word of the Year” in 2014 and it’s particularly critical in family offices. Learn the family office culture fundamentals that are often overlooked
Before the Data Breach: Planning Ahead to Minimize Risk
One of the top issues identified by FOX members…family office executives, family members and advisors…is managing data security.  In an environment where technology evolves daily and new types
Providing Perspective: Five Predictions for the Family Office of Tomorrow
While no one really knows what the future will bring, global research data can provide a perspective on what may become reality. Kirby Rosplock, Ph.D., author of The Complete Family Office Handbook,
2014 FOX Multi-Family Office and Wealth Advisor Benchmarking Study Report
This is the report of findings of the 2014 FOX Multi-Family Office and Wealth Advisor Benchmarking Study.  The report is only available to firms that participated in the 2014 study.  If
The Client of the Future: Advising Millennials
Amy Hart Clyne identified five generational themes and eight recommendations to help family leaders, family office staff, and advisors strengthen their relationships with the Millennials in the
Wealth Advisor Selection
It has often been said that one of the keys to success is surrounding yourself with smart, talented people who have your best interests in mind. But, how do you find those people and how do you
Engaging the Client of the Future
Family Office Exchange
Today’s young adult family clients – specifically those who identify as Millennials or Gen Y – are bringing a distinct set of preferences and sensibilities to their relationships
It’s More Than Cash – Key Compensation Strategies to Attract and Retain Long-Term Talent
When most people are asked why they work, the quick response is often, “For the money, of course!” While the natural inclination is to place emphasis on financial remuneration, the cash component of
Talent Development: Building Extraordinary Family Leaders
Developing great family leaders is a process, not an event. Leadership success is often measured by knowledge, skills and abilities coming together at critical times. This webinar will explore the