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Succession Stories: Lessons Learned from Former Family Office CEOs
Northern Trust
Every family’s succession journey is unique, and the change can feel uncomfortable. To help navigate that transition in leadership, 32 former family office CEOs offer their succession stories
5 Imperatives for CIOs in 2022
In moving past the COVID-19 pandemic, there are five key items that CIOs will almost certainly need to focus on as their role shifts away from being pure technology leaders and toward critical
The Worst Has Happened: 3 Cybersecurity Tips for Recovering from an Attack
Cyberattacks are impossible to completely prevent and the consequences of a data breach can be devastating. In addition to information and finances lost, breaches can result in downtime and
Cybersecurity and Advanced Techniques to Safeguard Your Data
PURE Insurance
In today’s hyperconnected world, news headlines are filled with stories about identity exposure, data breaches and other major threats to your personal information and financial assets. This
Courageous Conversation Guide: Hosting an Inclusive Leadership Conversation to Drive Racial Understanding
Organizations are better when they seek to understand and attract, retain, and grow top talent. They are also better when they have a culture that appreciates diverse perspectives and backgrounds, is
Making Insurance a Cornerstone of Wealth Management
HUB International Personal Insurance
With the past two years as a backdrop, risk management and insurance for 2022 will be anything but simple. It will entail assessing vulnerabilities with regards to changes such as permanent work-from
Recruiting, Engaging & Retaining Talent in a World in Flux
HUB International Personal Insurance
In today’s workplace environment, organizations face heightened challenges for employee recruitment, retention, wellbeing, and engagement. Understanding how to attract new employees, while
Private Employer Guide to OSHA's COVID-19 Vaccination & Testing ETS
HUB International Personal Insurance
With OSHA releasing and publishing the Emergency Temporary Standard (the “ETS”) on November 4, 2021, there are new vaccine guidelines and mandates for employers to follow. In this eBook,
Revisiting Private Equity Manager Selection
Asset Consulting Group
Manager selection is a critical component of success in any asset class, but particularly in private equity, where manager return dispersion is meaningfully wider than in public markets. Over time,
What to Look for in an Independent Agent or Broker
Chubb Personal Risk Services
Whether you’ve worked with ultra-high-net-worth clients for years or are just starting to grow that business, you know that these families and individuals are typically very private and prefer