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Recalibrating Your Employee Compensation Strategy and Open Enrollment Compliance Checklist
HUB International Personal Insurance
Work is evolving in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, organizations need to recalibrate their compensation approach to ensure program goals and objectives align with this new reality.
Using Electronic Trading to Deliver Value for Fixed Income Investors
Technological innovations in bond trading rarely grab headlines, but advancements have substantially changed how business is conducted in the fixed income markets. When used as part of a
A Malarkey-Free Analysis of the Impact of the Biden Tax Plan on Equity Investors
The combined effect of Biden’s tax proposals could alter behavior of the tax-aware investor. In examining the major tax provisions proposed under a Biden administration, the impact on equity
Three Ways to Maximize Tax Benefits Through Charitable Giving
The process of finding a charity and donating money seems simple. However, just like portfolio asset allocation, slightly different approaches can yield dramatically different results in your
How Family Offices Are Coping in a Dramatic 2020
A combination of health, economic, and financial challenges has created a higher level of uncertainty than ever before—worse even than the 2008 global downturn. However, COVID-19 has created a
Executive Year-End Tax Planning: Your Questions Answered
Northern Trust
Year-end planning presents abundant opportunity to consider and optimize tax strategies. For the executives who have faced tremendous demand to lead companies through dynamic shifts during a year of
The Materiality of the “S” in “ESG”
Brown Advisory
The environmental, social, and governance (ESG) research among institutional investors has historically focused mostly on the “E” and the “G,” leaving social issues as
Performance and Sustainable Investing: You Can Have it Both Ways
Brown Advisory
Investing sustainably does not mean sacrificing returns. In fact, the opposite is true across many different asset classes. A closer look shows how investments in private equity, public equity,
Global Digital Trust Insights Survey 2021
PwC Private Company Services
Just decades after coming out from under IT’s wing, the cybersecurity profession has matured. Armed with the insight and foresight that only experience and wisdom can provide, cyber stands at a
Attorney-Client Privilege in Ownership Disputes: Illinois Corporations and Other Jurisdictions
Schiff Hardin
Solving disputes among business partners and owners in a privately held business can quickly become complicated matters that end up calling for access to an LLC or corporation’s privileged