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Retaining Talent During the Great Resignation
During the Great Resignation, retaining talent has become a big challenge for many employers who know that losing talent can be costly and high-performing employees are difficult to replace. While
Situation Report: Ukraine Cyber Activity and Digital Protection Recommendations
360 Privacy and Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis (now part of Holland & Knight)
Russia has long been designated as a technologically hostile nation. In the leadup to the conflict with Ukraine, Russia launched unprecedented, but predictable, cyber warfare operations against the
Women in Business 2022: Opening the Door to Diverse Talent
Grant Thornton
In the wake of the global talent shortage, businesses are taking deliberate, necessary action to create more inclusive working practices. This research report further identifies key findings on the
Sustainability & ESG: Tips to Governance and Disclosure
Cozen O'Connor
Sustainability and ESG (environmental, social, and governance) have become a top priority for many businesses and organizations of all sizes seeking to do their part to operate responsibly within the
Compensation Committee Priorities for 2022
Talent shortages continue to plague business leaders as priorities evolve at a rapid pace, making creative compensation packages more important than ever. To keep up with the shifting landscape,
Making the Case for Digital Transformation
Baker Tilly
With the pace of change accelerating in today’s environment, it becomes critical for organizations to adapt and embrace a digital transformation that goes beyond implementing new tools and
Succession Stories: Lessons Learned from Former Family Office CEOs
Northern Trust
Every family’s succession journey is unique, and the change can feel uncomfortable. To help navigate that transition in leadership, 32 former family office CEOs offer their succession stories
5 Imperatives for CIOs in 2022
In moving past the COVID-19 pandemic, there are five key items that CIOs will almost certainly need to focus on as their role shifts away from being pure technology leaders and toward critical
The Worst Has Happened: 3 Cybersecurity Tips for Recovering from an Attack
Cyberattacks are impossible to completely prevent and the consequences of a data breach can be devastating. In addition to information and finances lost, breaches can result in downtime and
Cybersecurity and Advanced Techniques to Safeguard Your Data
PURE Insurance
In today’s hyperconnected world, news headlines are filled with stories about identity exposure, data breaches and other major threats to your personal information and financial assets. This