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May 2016

May 25 2016
As families prepare for an unprecedented $30 trillion transition of generational wealth, the focus is turning from “WHAT” needs to be done to the all-important “HOW” this will occur?  Jay Hughes, author, strategist and sculptor of knowledge on the...

June 2016

Jun 01 2016
With expectations of sustained low and negative yields globally, the desire to find yield on cash investments has become increasingly intense. However, navigating the low yielding and ever changing environment of cash investing poses many...

Jun 15 2016
By now, the awareness to better define and document protection of critical information, strengthen data security procedures as well as integrate incident response plans is well understood by family offices.  This webinar focuses on helping the...

Jun 29 2016
There are a myriad of issues facing families and family offices in today’s complex and competitive private wealth environment.  While some of the challenges aren’t avoidable…sometimes families unintentionally put themselves at risk because the...

July 2016

Jul 13 2016
For the first time in modern history, four generations are represented in the workforce. Each group has its own distinct characteristics, values and attitudes toward work. These differences can lead to misunderstandings and increased conflict,...

Jul 27 2016
For serious private investors, the definition of success is more than investment performance. The process of drafting an investment policy statement (IPS) goes a long way toward (1) identifying what success looks like by documenting key factors...

August 2016

Aug 10 2016
Several forces have converged to make a secure document sharing platform that can be accessed remotely an essential infrastructure component in the modern family office. Family members are often geographically dispersed. Data privacy matters...

Aug 17 2016
In light of the record levels of capital chasing fewer deals, is it time to re-think the due diligence process?  If one is committed to the asset class, what strategies can be employed to keep investments at an acceptable level from a strategic...

September 2016

Sep 14 2016
Description forthcoming...

Sep 28 2016
With record levels of dry powder, and a larger number private equity firms competing for deals, private capital markets have become increasingly efficient.  In this session, we’ll discuss whether there is still value to be had and if so, where and...

October 2016

Oct 05 2016
In a competitive hiring environment, attracting, retaining and motivating the kind of people who can sustain your organization can be especially challenging. To be attractive as an employer, you may need to think differently about how you pay...

November 2016

Nov 16 2016
Description forthcoming...

December 2016

Dec 14 2016
This may be the time to reconsider emerging markets. However, predicting the recovery and growth of emerging markets has proven to be hazardous. Our speaker will address key drivers and discuss which regions/countries look most promising.

Title Date Price
Office of the Beneficiary May 25 2016 $159.00
2016 FOX Global Investment Survey Highlights May 11 2016 $159.00
Introducing the Power of Appointment Support Trust: An Innovative Approach to Tax Planning Apr 27 2016 $159.00
The ABCs of the Family Office Apr 21 2016 $0.00
Addressing the Top 10 Compliance Issues Facing Employers in 2016 Apr 13 2016 $159.00
Three Steps for Smooth Family Business Succession Mar 30 2016 $159.00
Cloud Technology: Enhancing Family Office Infrastructure and Operations Mar 16 2016 $159.00
Creating Memorable Client Experiences: Differentiation in the Ultra-Wealth Market Mar 02 2016 $159.00
Spectrum of Investment Decision Making Feb 17 2016 $159.00
2016 Estate Planning Update Feb 03 2016 $159.00
Succeeding Through Disruption Jan 20 2016 $159.00
An Alternative to QuickBooks in the Family Office Dec 16 2015 $159.00
Alternative Investments – Planning for Efficiency and Greater Access in 2016 Dec 09 2015 $159.00
2015 FOX Family Office Benchmarking Survey Highlights Nov 18 2015 $159.00
Fiduciary Conflicts of Interest in the World of PFTCs: A Lurking Concern Nov 04 2015 $159.00
Making the Right Hire-Thinking More Broadly About What's Important in the Recruiting Process Oct 14 2015 $159.00
Engaging the Family Office in Impact Investing Oct 07 2015 $0.00
Using Technology to Identify and Address Behavioral Bias in Investment Decisions Sep 30 2015 $159.00
Financial Update: Global Issues Impacting FOX Families Sep 16 2015 $159.00
Managing Culture with the Clarity, Behavior & Results You Need Aug 19 2015 $159.00
Regulatory Challenges for the PFTC in the FATCA/FINRA Era Aug 12 2015 $159.00
1031 Exchange Solutions & Investing in Private Placements Jul 29 2015 $159.00
Social Media: The New Liability Frontier Jul 08 2015 $159.00
Accounting Technology in the Small to Medium Family Office Jun 17 2015 $159.00
Institutional Currency Management - Myths and Realities Jun 03 2015 $159.00


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