FOX Canadian Market Briefing: Initiating A Family Learning Mindset to Create Enterprising Family Longevity - December 8, 2022 (Virtual)


Thursday, December 8, 2022 - 10:00am to 11:30am

Please note: All times listed are in U.S. and Canadian Central time.

Join us for a lively exchange of information and ideas with your peers at this FOX Canadian Market Briefing. 

All people live life through multiple roles, which come to be as we navigate life. For enterprising families with a multi-generational outlook, the situation gets more complicated when sorting out roles (hats) for a given situation (room). Enterprising family members can simultaneously wear multiple hats: owners, directors, operators, employee, child, parent, and sibling among others. For each hat there is a corresponding room - like the board room, the kitchen table, the family council, or the executive office.   

Each hat and room set come with their own array of rules, expectations, and intentions. These hat-room combinations are rich but filled with paradoxes. Often, enterprising family members unconsciously mix up the needed hat-room pair while conversing with another family member. The result is an avoidable communications breakdown.

During this session, speakers will explore how identifying and developing awareness of the different hats you wear and the rooms you wear them in represents the first step to building a learning mindset for enterprising family longevity. 

At the end of this event, attendees will be able to:

  • Name the various hats they wear and the rooms they wear them in
  • Distinguish between each hat’s expectations and intentions, as well as understand their respective impact on enterprising family cohesion and harmony
  • Understand the importance of critical conversations regarding family relations and the boundaries of ownership in building your family’s wealth, wellness, and longevity

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Thursday, December 8, 2022

All times listed are in U.S. and Canadian Central time.
10:00 am Initiating A Family Learning Mindset to Create Enterprising Family Longevity
11:30 am Meeting Adjourns



Caroline Phaneuf
Chief Learning & Development Officer, Crysalia

Caroline is Crysalia’s Lead Chief Learning & Development Officer. She combines her experience as a second-generation member of a business family and her understanding of leadership, talent development and transformation to connect with clients.  She is passionate about helping people see their challenges through a new  perspective and rearranging information in unexpected ways. She helps leaders and families achieve clarity on both their goals and how to achieve them, enabling people reach their full potential.  

Before co-founding Crysalia, Caroline worked in the family business and cumulated more than 10 years of experience working in national and international organizations. She has helped large and small companies reinvent their business model for growth, craft inspiring strategies, develop new value propositions and rethink their position in their ecosystem. She has accompanied dozens of leaders and executives as they transform their intentions into actions. As a certified coach, a skilled moderator and an experienced facilitator, she brings her expertise to deliver impact.

Patricia Saputo, FCPA, FCA, ICD.D, TEP, DTax
Executive Chairperson of the Board, Strategic Advisor, Crysalia

Certified Wealth Transition Coach and Financial Coach, Patricia is a well-established leader in the Enterprising Family community. As a next-generation member of one of Canada’s well-known families, she has pioneered the Family Office space when she created her own family’s Single Family Office in 1998.

Today, Patricia is Crysalia’s Executive Chairperson of the Board and Strategic Advisor. Part of an Enterprising Family herself, she brings tremendous insights into the Crysalia’s offering. As the Chief Financial Officer of Placements Italcan Inc., a diversified investment holding company, she also manages her immediate family’s wealth, in addition to educating family members on the responsibility of inheriting wealth and being a good steward of wealth.

Very generous with her time, she serves in key leadership roles on a variety of boards and advisory committees. She is also a regular speaker at a number of national and international forums on the topics of  family wealth, women and wealth, governance, education, philanthropy and financial literacy.  She is also called upon for her advice and referral on investments, philanthropy and strategic planning.  She believes that education is an incomplete process which is why she considers herself a “life-learner”.