FOX Cyber & Security Member Meeting - December 6, 2022


Tuesday, December 6, 2022 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm

Cyber & Security at FOX is focused on risk management for its membership including families, family offices, operating companies, and advisor organizations. FOX hosts a bi-monthly meeting comprised of different vendors and thought leader specialists whose focus is in the areas of cybersecurity, physical security, or personal security. FOX membership is invited to learn and discover the broadness of this kind of risk management and more importantly, directions and solutions to help face the challenges that come with it.

Cyberthreats perpetrated against companies and individuals continue to persist as threat actors become more relentless, and family offices are not immune. Join RSM’s Tauseef Ghazi, national leader of security and privacy and Ron Nahass, family office enterprise account leader, for an informative discussion on the cybersecurity risks and threats making headlines today, and walk away with actionable best practices to design a security and internal controls strategy that is built to effectively manage risk across the family enterprise.

Family Offices and High Net worth Individuals are in a unique position as they can be large targets and unfortunately, often do not have the internal expertise to manage these kinds of cyber risk. In addition, they also have physical concerns not seen in other sectors. In this 30-minute session, "The Well-Being of Families", Alex Sharpe, will leverage decades of street knowledge to guide you on how to select the most appropriate platforms, products, and providers for your unique situation. Alex will also walk through the broad strokes of the unique risks associated with Social Media.

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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

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2:00 pm Cyber & Security Member Meeting Begins


2:05 pm Presentation and Q&A by RSM
2:30 pm Presentation and Q&A by Alex Sharpe
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Tauseef Ghazi
Partner, National Leader of Security and Privacy, RSM

Tauseef Ghazi is the national leader of security and privacy for RSM US LLP. He leads a team of 250 people responsible for building the next generation of cybersecurity services for the firm. He is part of the industrials leadership team charged with driving growth in the sector and overseeing the firm’s cyber and tech stack.

Tauseef—known to colleagues and clients simply as Ghazi—serves as technical lead of security and privacy for RSM. With more than 15 years of infrastructure security, system implementation and application security review experience, he leads board, executive and audit committee-level discussions around complex security issues and educates stakeholders on the business risks organizations face. His deep technical and hands-on experience includes security program implementation, cyber maturity assessment, network architecture assessments, vulnerability assessments, security policy design and enforcement, firewall deployment and disaster recovery, and business continuity solutions. He is a frequent contributor to industry journals and is a sought-after speaker on privacy and security-related matters.

The core function of RSM’s privacy and security team is to find weaknesses within a client’s environment and provide solutions for safeguarding those vulnerabilities. Ghazi’s team helps clients think through the risks they face and provides insight and solutions to mitigate those risks. Ghazi attributes his career success to surrounding himself with smart professionals who comprise his team at RSM. His secret weapon is his ability to take a highly complex and technical issue and translate its relevance to partners, board-level executives and business owners. 

Based in Houston, Ghazi spent much of his career working with the energy and oil and gas industries. He has experience safeguarding critical infrastructure related to industrial cyber for Fortune 10 gas and utility companies. He has performed cyber testing for high-stakes operations, including large oil and gas companies, chemical facilities, power and utilities, power plants, and pipeline networks. 

With his team regularly attempting to compromise networks, mobile devices and payment systems to discover vulnerabilities, Ghazi lives by the tagline that’s written on his whiteboard: “we compromise everything except quality.” His focus is on providing quality solutions for clients and building collaborative teams that are unwilling to settle for the status quo. An empathetic leader, he is deeply connected to his team and provides RSM professionals a career trajectory to grow and reinvest in themselves. 

Ghazi has been a panelist as part of RSM’s culture, diversity and inclusion efforts sharing his story of being Muslim in America. The firm’s employee network groups and diversity panels provide him an opportunity to share his story in the hopes that others can courageously share their stories. 

Ghazi is a father to two young children, a family man and the lead singer and keyboardist for Ghazi the Band. He is unwavering in his belief that people need passions outside of work and he leads by example. He has a recording studio in his home office, which is often visible during virtual meetings. It has served as a humanizing touchpoint for colleagues and clients who share his passion for music. 


Ron Nahass
Director, Enterprise Account Leader, RSM

RSM US LLP’s Ron Nahass is a collaborative and strategic growth advisor for family offices, business/fund owners and ultrahigh net worth clients. His empathetic approach to understanding the needs of our clients comes from a deep background in financial consulting including valuation, forensics and dispute advisory services. He is regularly retained on behalf of various clients and counsel regarding high-profile commercial disputes, complex financial transactions, fraud and other advisory services. As an enterprise account leader, Ron works to align RSM’s people, processes and advisory solutions to better serve strategic financial intermediaries and private client relationships.

Ron’s family history includes a tradition of independently owned businesses. As such, he has a particular affinity for entrepreneurial-minded individuals—and the unique challenges and demands they face. Ronald’s experience includes the following but not limited to; assisting clients and counsel in navigating complex commercial litigation and forensic investigations regarding contractual disputes, intellectual property, commercial damages and other fact-finding and consultative analyses. He has led corporate investigations and forensic engagements, as well as analyzed an organization’s books and records, tracing funds, reconstructing financial records, identifying misappropriated assets or funds across many industries.

Additionally, Ron has prepared forensic reports for use by client management, boards of trustees, special committees of the board, fiduciary counsel, governmental agencies and insurance companies. Also he has prepared expert reports for use in state and federal courts, the Delaware Chancery Court and various alternative dispute resolution forums.

Ron has honed his skills in estimating the value of business enterprises, equity, debt, derivative securities, intangible assets for private and public companies of varying sizes and complexity.

He provides significant experience regarding financial modeling, data analytics and simulation analysis, including model review/validation, custom model build, scenario and simulation analysis.

Ron has also completed consulting assignments for many purposes, including financial and tax reporting, mergers and acquisitions, shareholder and other contractual disputes, marital dissolution, stock options and more.

Alex Sharpe
Principal, Sharpe Management Consulting LLC

Mr. Sharpe is a long-time (+30 years) Cybersecurity, Governance, and Digital Transformation expert with real-world operational experience. Mr. Sharpe has run business units and has influenced national policy. He has spent much of his career helping corporations and government agencies create value while mitigating cyber risk. This provides him a pragmatic understanding of the delicate balance between Business realities, Cybersecurity, and Operational Effectiveness. He began his career at NSA moving into the Management Consulting ranks building practices at Booz Allen and KPMG. He subsequently co-founded two firms with successful exits including the Hackett Group (NASDAQ HCKT). He has participated in over 20 M&A transactions. He has delivered to clients in over 20 countries on 6 continents.

Mr. Sharpe holds degrees from Columbia Business School, Johns Hopkins University (JHU), and the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT).

Mr. Sharpe regularly writes, teaches, and speaks. Appearances have included the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Harvard Law School's Forum on Corporate Governance, Johns Hopkins University (JHU), InfraGard, ASIS, Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), RIMS, and the University of Economics and Business.

Mr. Sharpe has been recognized as a thought leader in Business Strategy, Cybersecurity, Risk Management, and the Cloud.

He serves on industry forums and pays it forward as a mentor at an incubator.