Regional Member Briefing - San Francisco - August 4, 2016


Thursday, August 4, 2016 - 11:30am to 1:30pm
Join us for a lively exchange of information and ideas with your peers over lunch at this FOX Regional Member Briefing.
Attendance is included with membership, but advance registration is required.


Ascent Private Capital Management
One California Street, Suite 2100
San Francisco  California  94111
United States
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11:30 am     Network/Welcome
12:00 pm     Lunch and Presentation/Q&A
The Stories We Tell: Intergenerational Conversations that Shape History
Speakers:  Karen McNeill, Ph.D and Kristen Armstrong, Ph.D. 
Ascent Private Capital Management is delighted to share success stories from two of our colleagues in the Center for Wealth Impact. 
As Ascent's family historian, Karen McNeill, captures, records and shares stories that embody families’ values and character. The lessons learned transcend time and can guide families as they strive to define and sustain their legacy for generations to come.   
Strategic wealth coach, Kristen Armstrong, works with families to communicate effectively and respectfully despite differences, define shared values, and build trust as they talk about the meaning of wealth and make plans and choices that will impact the family and its communities now and in the future. 
1:00 pm       Peer dialogue
1:30 pm         Adjourn

Kristen Armstrong, Managing Director, Strategic Wealth Coach, Ascent Private Capital Management

Living in three distinct global cultures as a young adult taught Kristen how to navigate different points of view while identifying common threads that connect individuals and families worldwide. With a passion for supporting highly functional family systems, she thrives in her role as strategic wealth coach.
Family wealth presents challenges that clients of Ascent want to navigate successfully. Kristen finds that these challenges afford exceptional learning and development opportunities not typically a part of the explicit culture of a family. “It is a joy to help families understand and leverage their uniqueness in the world and clarify purposes for their wealth—both within the family and without—that will help sustain their visions across succeeding generations.”
Kristen brings 25 years of experience in executive coaching, family systems consulting and leadership development to Ascent’s Center for Wealth Impact, a national team that serves all Ascent offices around the country. In her role, Kristen contributes to family education, family enterprise governance and succession planning, philanthropic planning and next-generation leadership development.

Karen McNeill, Senior Family Historian, Center for Wealth Impact, Ascent Private Capital Management

As an award-winning historian and biographer, Karen helps clients explore their family’s journey through generations. “I’m passionate about history and its importance in helping us understand ourselves and the world in which we live. I believe we’re not just products of history: we’re historical actors in a larger narrative, and this awareness can inform how we live our lives and build toward the future.”
As part of Ascent’s unique Center for Wealth Impact, Karen helps families and their businesses discover the people and stories that embody the values and culture that define their legacy and shape their vision of the future. She works with multiple generations within families and key figures in businesses to uncover and construct meaningful histories.
“I believe strongly in the responsibility of everybody to consider the short- and long-term impact of their actions and decisions, and I’ve spent a long time researching and writing about how people address contemporary issues while consciously trying to shape the future.”

Heather Abramson, Senior Relationship Manager

Heather Abramson is a senior relationship manager for Family Office Exchange (FOX). Part of FOX’s family office team, she provides a variety of member services and supports the specific needs for family business-owning members. She also works on FOX’s Next Generation Network by engaging younger family members with education and networking.
Before joining FOX in 2008, Heather served as strategic marketing and events manager at Aon Corporation for seven years. While at Aon, Heather planned and executed more than 100 large-scale events and created the marketing and project execution for Aon’s South America Division. Earlier, she worked on Capitol Hill for a U.S. senator and in the foreign policy department at a lobbyist organization. She also has previous experience working in a Chicago-based family office.

Karen Clark CFP®, TEP, Managing Director, Councils

With over 25 years of experience advising families of wealth, Karen Clark is responsible for running several FOX Peer Councils and the FOX Direct Investing Network. Karen’s experience includes advising on asset allocation, investment policy, outsourced Chief Investment Officer (CIO) services, manager selection and monitoring, performance analysis, and portfolio risk management in a family office setting. She has advised families on alternative investments, including hedge funds, private equity, including direct investing in private companies, and real estate, as well as proprietary multi-manager vehicles and other opportunistic investments. Karen’s past experience includes working with multi-jurisdictional families while serving as a Director at Sandaire Limited, a London-based multi-family office. She is a member of the Financial Planning Association and the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners.