Australia Family Enterprise Council - February 2017


Wednesday, February 8, 2017 - 6:30pm to Thursday, February 9, 2017 - 6:30pm
The FOX Family Enterprise Council is comprised of family leaders and trusted executives pursuing a long-term view of their enterprise.  It provides a place where members can find a highly select group of peers with whom to help define and refine the work they do.  They have similar goals, challenges and can make a meaningful contribution to this growing community of peers.
The purpose of this council is to elevate the professional and personal performance of family leaders and their most trusted advisors in order to enhance the operation of the broader family enterprise and long term well-being of the family.
The work of the Council is guided by two experienced FOX relationship managers, supported by research, case studies, Council peers, and outside subject matter experts to help address the needs of that Council.  Critically selected speakers from the Council and other FOX groups provide the educational programs that enhance the peer exchange.

  • Agenda


8-9 February 2017


8 February 2017

6:30 PM


Cocktail Reception and Dinner



9 February 2017 – Council Meeting Day

8:30 AM


Continental Breakfast

9:00 AM


Introductions and Agenda



Case Study for a Financial Family and Investment Trends on the Horizon

A family office executive will share the history of the family office and the investment goals they have developed for that office.  They will walk us through how they incubate new fund managers and the recent purchase of an investment distribution platform, called a TAMP. 

The Executive will then speak with us about the dramatic changes ahead for the investment industry relating to product structures and pricing models. The roles of goals based investing, liquid alternatives and multi-strategy ETF funds will be discussed along with other topics.  The Executive will explain how they have been able to replicate the investment performance of sophisticated family offices using quarterly FOX CIO Council research.  The family office has created a diversified multi-strat fund for family offices, using as a variety of ETF funds.

10:30  AM


Networking Break

11:00 AM


Family Strategic Planning Case Study 

A family will share their business history, and how they have viewed their work together as a family through the generational shifts spanning 67 years in car retailing. Thoughtful planning has occurred in this family regarding the family enterprise, the plans for working together as a family, the purpose for the wealth, the education of the next generation, retirement planning for the current generation, transitioning succession, and how they have developed a shared vision for the future.  The family members will each share their views in the areas where they have been most involved.

12:15 PM


Lunch and Networking

1:15 PM


Peer Exchange Between Council Members

“Top of Mind” Issues (For Wealth Owners) 

Facilitator:  Peter Roach, FOX Market Leader for Australia and New Zealand

  • Owners to submit top 3 issues on their minds to spur group discussion 
  • Issues occupying the minds of owners (examples:  enterprise boards and governance, generational transition, next generation education, philanthropic vision, portfolio strategies for volatile markets, etc.)
  • See attached pre-work template for submission to Family Office Exchange   

“Top of Mind” Issues (For Family Office Executives)

Facilitator: Sara Hamilton / CEO of Family Office Exchange

  • Executives to submit top 3 issues on their minds to spur group discussion 
  • Issues occupying the minds of owners (examples:  alignment of family office and family, family office services and insourcing / outsourcing, family office costs, team structure, checks and balances in the family office, etc.)  
  • See attached pre-work template for submission to Family Office Exchange   

2:45 PM


Networking Break 

3:00 PM


Contemporary Issues in Family Philanthropy

Presenter:  Peter Roach, Market Leader, Family Office Exchange

Philanthropy is a burgeoning aspect of generational families’ activities. But the sector in Australia faces constant challenges around legislative framework, governance issues, definition of family objectives and a host of other matters relevant to philanthropic pursuits.


Peter Roach will lead an interactive discussion on contemporary issues in Family Philanthropy in Australia. Drawing on his experience as both a Responsible Officer and Trustee of various Private Ancillary Funds, Peter will examine some of the issues facing families who are at different stages in their philanthropic evolution. In particular, Peter will lead discussions on how best to use philanthropy as a means of defining a Family Ethos and how effective governance can lead to better outcomes for both society and the family.

4:00 PM


Brief Break

4:15 PM


FOX Research on Key Characteristics in Direct Investing

Presenter:  Sara Hamilton, Founder and CEO, Family Office Exchange

Sara will share the FOX whitepaper on the 15 Key Considerations for Direct Investing in operating companies, and review the nine approaches we have seen in the global market place for staying active in direct investing. 

Feedback from the group on models that they have undertaken with also be discussed.

5:00 PM


Key Take Aways for the Day and Planning for Next Meeting

5:30 PM


Optional Cocktail Reception

    *** Business casual attire for meeting ***