Australia Family Enterprise Council - Melbourne 2017


Tuesday, August 15, 2017 - 6:30pm to Wednesday, August 16, 2017 - 5:00pm
The FOX Family Enterprise Council is comprised of family leaders and trusted executives pursuing a long-term view of their enterprise.  It provides a place where members can find a highly select group of peers with whom to help define and refine the work they do.  They have similar goals, challenges and can make a meaningful contribution to this growing community of peers.
The purpose of this council is to elevate the professional and personal performance of family leaders and their most trusted advisors in order to enhance the operation of the broader family enterprise and long term well-being of the family.
The work of the Council is guided by two experienced FOX relationship managers, supported by research, case studies, Council peers, and outside subject matter experts to help address the needs of that Council.  Critically selected speakers from the Council and other FOX groups provide the educational programs that enhance the peer exchange.
If you have questions, please contact Ken O'Young.

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University House at the Woodward
10th Floor of the Melbourne Law School (Building 106)
185 Pelham St. | Carlton VIC 


Tuesday 15th August 2017

6:30 pm


Family Enterprise Council Cocktails and Dinner

  • The French Brasserie
    2 Malthouse Ln.
    PH: +61 3 9662 1632




Wednesday 16th August 2017

All Day Meeting - Family Enterprise Council

8:00 am


Welcome and Breakfast

8:45 am


“Top of Mind” Issues

Facilitated discussion: Family Office Exchange Managing Director Charlie Grace and Australia New Zealand Market Leader Peter Roach

  • Participants set forth top 3 issues in advance to spur discussion
  • Issues occupying the minds of owners and senior staff (examples: enterprise boards and governance, generational transition, next generation education, portfolio strategies for volatile markets, etc.) 

10:15 am


Morning Tea / Networking

10:45 am


Family Disputes:  Navigating Disagreements Rising to the Level of Conflict

  • Disagreements and robust discussion in families can be a positive but conflict can be destructive to family cohesion and achieving goals.  What steps can help families navigate conflict?  Are there family governance structures and agreements that can lessen conflict?  What role can mediation play and when is it appropriate?  Are there times when a family split is the best solution?  The session will explore all these issues and others faced by families and also examine solutions.  

11:45 am


Defining the Family:  Bloodline vs. In-laws

Facilitated discussion:  Charlie Grace and Peter Roach, Family Office Exchange

  • Examination of approaches and rules governing behavior and roles for bloodline family members and in-laws in multi-generational families.  Best practices call for the inclusion of in-laws as full members in the workings and decision-making of the family enterprise.  That said many families draw limits on the role of in-laws in family activities based on family culture and past experience.  The session will focus on the factors used to determine optimum solutions for each family.   

12:45 pm


Lunch / Networking

2:00 pm


Different Governance Models for Multi-generation Families 

Facilitated discussion:  Charlie Grace and Peter Roach, Family Office Exchange

  • The session will examine different governance models and approaches based on sophistication of the family and breadth of the family enterprise, degree of active ownership by the family, number of family members and generational level, culture of the family, and degree of formality desired among other factors.  FOX research including specific governance models, concepts, and data will be provided to help Council Members form or refine their own governance needs and structures.

3:30 pm


Afternoon Tea/Networking

3:45 pm


Family Office and Support of the Family Enterprise

Research and facilitated discussion:  Charlie Grace and Peter Roach, Family Office Exchange

  • The family office plays a special role in support of the family enterprise.  There are roles that the family office can undertake and services that the family office can provide to support the family enterprise.  These will be reviewed and discussed and certain facets explored in more depth during the session.  FOX research and illustrations will be shared to provide concrete perspectives on the topic of the family office in support of the family enterprise.   

4.45 pm


Planning for February 2017 Family Enterprise Council Meeting

5.00 pm


Formal Meeting Adjourned / Member Networking Drinks






*** Business casual attire for meeting ***