Executive Council '04 - March 2019


Wednesday, March 6, 2019 - 6:30pm to Friday, March 8, 2019 - 2:00pm


The FOX Executive Council '04 is comprised of CEOs of the largest, most sophisticated multi-generational family offices in the U.S. pursuing the best practices for complex family enterprises.

The purpose of this council is to elevate the professional and personal performance of these executives and therefore enhance the operation of the broader family enterprise and long term well-being of the family.

Each Council works from a FOX developed curriculum that is tailored to the needs of the Council. Meetings include content from the curriculum as well as specific topics and discussions requested by the Council members. FOX provides the appropriate internal and external resources for lively, fruitful meetings.

  • Agenda



Miami, FL



Wednesday, March 6, 2019

6:30 p.m.


Optional / Casual Dinner (Council Members and Guests)

  • Venue: To Be Determined

Thursday, March 7, 2019

8:00 a.m.






8:30 a.m.


Introductions and FOX Update

Sara Hamilton, CEO, Family Office Exchange

Robin Letchinger, Enterprise Market Leader, Family Office Exchange




9:00 a.m.


Ensuring Grantor Intent:  Using Side Letters to Guide Trustees,
Executors and Beneficiaries

This session will explore what and why a letter of intent can help the trustee or executor do his/her job in alignment with the grantor’s intent at the time the trust/will was created.  Hear from a council member how she has used these letters in her work with her family and from the attorney about topics to consider when drafting such letters. 




 9:45 a.m.


Group Discussion – Takeaways from Above Session




10:15 a.m.






10:45 a.m.             


Eldercare Law and Accommodating Aging Clients

Rebecca C. Morgan, Stetson Law Chair in Eldercare, Gulfport, FL 
Margalit Tocher, Home Care Assistance, Kenilworth IL

Continuing the conversation that started last year with the compelling presentation by Covie Edwards-Pitt, we will explore some of the strategies that family office staff can consider for managing client relationships that are impacted by dementia and other eldercare concerns.

Rebecca Morgan, one of the nation’s leading legal expert in Eldercare, will provide an overview of the legal issues that we need to understand in eldercare and guardianship matters. Becky will share some of the highlights from her annual October conference on this important topic.

Margalit Tocher will provide practical tips regarding training family office and household staff about current challenges and what to expect in the future. Margalit manages the homecare needs for many families in the Chicagoland area. Margalit will provide a case study for how she was able to help a FOX member deal with transitioning care from household staff to trained medical staff when the time came for professional help.




12:45 p.m.


Working Lunch (for 2nd Half)

Group Discussion

  • Takeaways from Eldercare Session




1:45 p.m.


Executive Dialogue on 2019 Challenges and Goals

Facilitated by Sara and Robin, Family Office Exchange




3:00 p.m.






3:30 p.m.


Human Capital: Ask the Experts

Please identify your challenging HCap questions for these panelists

Two seasoned family office HR Professionals will lead the group in a Q & A session on your biggest human capital challenges. Topics to be covered would include a diverse range of issues such as talent development and recruiting, culture statements, dealing with disruptive employees, leadership succession plans, etc.   




5:00 p.m.


Meeting Adjourns




6:30 p.m.


Council Dinner
(Council Members and Guests – Mariann has been invited)

  • Venue TBD

Friday, March 8, 2019

8:00 a.m.






8:30 a.m.


Executive Dialogu




10:30 a.m.






11:00 a.m.


Integrated Family Learning Programs – Panel and Case Studies

This group of educators and professionals will share their experiences in fostering family learning in a variety of formats. We will discuss motivations, models, and methodology for engaging in this important activity as a family. 

  • One speaker will provide an introduction from her experiences to set the stage
  • A speaker will outline the Johnson’s 14-year commitment to family learning and how it has evolved into the Johnson Family Academy.
  • Another speaker will add the Rising Gen perspective as the youngest member of Gen 4 in her family, and as a facilitator for a family learning “issues list” with a 3rd generation family group this past August.
  • Mindy Earley will share her experience with individualized learning programs for a group of Gen 3 members, and she will provide an overview on the goals for the FOX Family Learning Center.




1:00 p.m.


LunchGroup Discussion / Key Takeaways & Topics for the Next Meeting




2:00 p.m.


Meeting Adjourns


*** Business casual attire for meeting ***