Executive Council '14 - September 2019


Monday, September 16, 2019 (All day) to Wednesday, September 18, 2019 (All day)


The FOX Executive Council '14 is comprised of CEOs of the largest, most sophisticated multi-generational family offices in the U.S. pursuing the best practices for complex family enterprises.

The purpose of this council is to elevate the professional and personal performance of these executives and therefore enhance the operation of the broader family enterprise and long term well-being of the family.

Each Council works from a FOX developed curriculum that is tailored to the needs of the Council. Meetings include content from the curriculum as well as specific topics and discussions requested by the Council members. FOX provides the appropriate internal and external resources for lively, fruitful meetings.

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Hotel Teatro

1100 14th Street

Denver, CO


Advisory Committee Members: Daniel Carbonneau, Bruce Geier, Lorena O’Brien, Kristin Tessier


Monday, September 16, 2019


6:30 p.m.           Combined Optional Council Dinner / FOX Direct Investing Dinner 


Tuesday, September 17, 2019


8:00 am              Breakfast


8:30 am              Welcome, Introductions, and FOX Updates


9:15 am             Future of Wealth Management

                            Presented by Speaker(s)


Speaker(s) will share insights from his 10 years as the Global Head of Financial Services Thought Leadership.

Speaker(s) will identify the disruptive trends that are shaping the next decade and help us understand who the providers of financial services will be in the future. Speaker(s) will show us how consumers are responding to these new players and how fast the changes are coming. We will all discuss how this impacts the role of the family office and its importance in the industry.


10:15 am            Break


10:45 am            Executive Dialogue


Tuesday, September 17, 2019 continued


12:15 pm            Lunch

1:00 pm              Strategies for Achieving Impact

Presented by Speaker(s)


Speaker(s) will help us understand the different generational mindsets about social impact, how to discuss the scope and scale of the impact work with owners, and how to measure the outcomes and manage the expectations along the journey.  Speaker(s) will reference a whitepaper, entitled Structuring Impact, that you will receive in advance, on helping founders evaluate their options for structure and scope.


2:15 pm              Break


2:45 pm              Setting Your Investment Philosophy and Strategy

Presented by Speaker(s)


In this session, Speaker(s) will discuss the Tao Capital family office investment philosophy and how they allocate to venture investments and more liquid strategies. Speaker(s) will describe how they use their external investment consulting firm as part of their investment program, including strategy development, manager diligence, and outsourced performance reporting. 


4:00 pm              Executive Dialogue continued


5:00 pm             Meeting Adjourns


6:30 pm              Council Dinner

Wednesday, September 18, 2019


8:00 am              Breakfast


8:30 am              Key Takeaways from Day 1 and Agenda for Day 2


8:45 am               Family Office Process—Moving to the Cloud

 Presented by Speaker(s)


Speaker(s) will talk about her Family Office’s evolution from on-premise servers to a full suite of technology services in the cloud. Speaker(s) will share their trials and tribulations and provide lessons learned, so that you can be better informed and prepared if this transformation is in your not-so-distant future. Please come armed with your most pressing cloud software and migration questions.


9:45 am              Break


10:15 am            Asking the Right Questions to Achieve Breakthroughs within the Family

Presented by Speaker(s)


Speaker(s) will address one of the most difficult issues we face – to change attitudes and alternatives for the future by asking the right questions at the right time. Speaker(s) will help lead an interactive session with the group on the following topics:

-Helping families who are “stuck” to address their uncomfortable and sensitive issues

-Using questions to build greater trust in the family

-Knowing when and how to ask the right questions

-Transforming the family’s view for the future


11:30 am             Breakout Group Discussions


12:30 pm            Meeting Adjourns



1:30 pm               Optional Lunch