Southeast Family Enterprise Council - Nashville 2017


Thursday, September 14, 2017 - 10:00am to Friday, September 15, 2017 - 2:00pm

The FOX Southeast Family Enterprise Council is composed of family members who directly oversee their family enterprise, with or without staff, working together to share insights and strategies.  
The purpose of this council is to provide a forum for these leaders to test ideas, get peer advice, and learn from appropriate experts to improve their performance in managing the family’s wealth and preparing the family for the future.
Each Council works from a FOX developed curriculum that is tailored to the needs of the Council. Meetings include content from the curriculum as well as specific topics and discussions requested by the Council members. FOX provides the appropriate internal and external resources for lively, fruitful meetings.

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Nashville, TN

Thursday, September 14, 2017

10:00 a.m.


Welcome and Introductions

10:30 a.m.


Peer Discussion Between Council Members - “Top of Mind” Issues

Facilitated by: Alexandre Monnier, President Family Office Exchange

Facilitated discussion about the issues that are top of mind for the group. 

11:30 a.m.


Cybersecurity: Preventative Measures to Protect Your Family

Scott Augenbaum, Special Agent at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

With cyber breaches making headlines with increasing frequency and magnitude, it is no surprise that security concerns are top of mind for FOX members.  In this session, Scott will outline the practical steps you can take to reduce your risks.

12:30 p.m.



1:30 p.m.


Cultivating a Family Enterprise Mindset

Sara Hamilton, Founder and CEO, Family Office Exchange

Families with an enterprise mindset recognize the complexity of all that they own together and understand the importance of managing their business, financial, human and social capital in a thoughtful and intentional way for the good of the entire family.  In this session Sara will outline FOX’s Family Enterprise Roadmap which is designed to help you organize your thinking and your resources to develop a family enterprise plan.  

3:00 p.m.



3:30 p.m.


Peer Discussion around the Family Enterprise Mindset 

Facilitated by: Sara Hamilton & Alexandre Monnier, Family Office Exchange

Facilitated discussion about the issues that surface in the family enterprise.

5:00 p.m.


Meeting Adjourned

5:30 p.m.


Council Dinner


Friday, September 15, 2017

8:00 a.m.



8:30 a.m.


Welcome and Takeaways from Day 1

9:00 a.m.


Building Strong Trustee Beneficiary Relationships

This session will explore how trustees can build positive long-term relationships with beneficiaries. The discussion will explore the importance of clear communication and ensuring that trustees and beneficiaries have a common understanding of their respective roles and responsibilities to this relationship.

10:00 a.m.



10:15 a.m.


Engaging the Rising Generation in the Family’s Philanthropy

How do you keep the younger members of your family interested and engaged in what is happening in the family enterprise? Involving your children in the family’s philanthropy is an important way to introduce them to your family values and prepare them to be responsible owners of wealth. In this session, the speaker will share some of the strategies that her clients have used with success to engage the rising generation in the family’s philanthropy.

11:15 a.m.


Highlights from the 2017 FOX Family Benchmarking Study and Global Investment Survey 

Alexandre Monnier and Jane Flanagan, Family Office Exchange

Every year FOX surveys its membership to understand what’s keeping them awake at night and where they’re investing their time and talent to further the goals of the families they serve. In this session, Alexandre and Jane will share some of the highlights from this summer’s family benchmarking survey along with key takeaways and investment trends from the 2017 Global Investment Survey.

12:30 p.m.


Lunch and Topics for the Next Meeting

2:00 p.m.


Meeting Adjourned


*** Business casual attire for meeting ***