RECAP: 2019 FOX Wealth Advisor Forum

2019 FOX Wealth Advisor Forum - Recap


Sparking Effective Communication and Interpersonal Skills



Rebecca Bales, Global Partner, Lumina Learning USA

Session Description: 

In this highly interactive and engaging professional development session, participants focused on communication and interpersonal skills that can be utilized to raise self-awareness around behaviors and personality. By exploring these key skills, they gained an understanding of how to better connect and interact with colleagues and clients.

"Focus on behaviors to identify a person’s style and see what you can adapt to build better rapport. It is important to pause, to create space, so you can adjust and connect."
- Rebecca Bales
Key Takeaways: 
  • Session was based on the Lumina Spark system and provided an interactive experience for attendees to identify their interaction and communication styles in interpersonal relationships. 
  • Blue characteristics: organized, observing, reliable, objective, evidence-based. A “blue” needs to have data before making a decision; keeps their office and meetings organized and is always on time. 
  • Green characteristics: intimate, collaborative, empathetic, empowering, accommodating. A “green” prefers one-on-one communications and cares about how decisions affect their team; greens trust people to do the right thing. 
  • Yellow characteristics: imaginative, creative, spontaneous, sociable, demonstrative. A “yellow” loves social opportunities and works best when ideas are flowing, and they are given the liberty to try new approaches. 
  • Red characteristics: purposeful, direct, bold, competitive, takes charge. Reds prefer concise, direct communications and will seek information as needed.  
  • One way to assess the style of another person is to “speed read” by paying attention to the individual’s body language, choice of words, and tone of voice. A person’s office environment can also provide clues to how they prefer to interact. 
  • Tips for influencing the various color types:
    • Provide BLUES with time to think and let them know about the security of the investment or opportunity. Provide agendas and pre-read materials in advance so they are able to prepare. Ask probing questions to understand concerns. 
    • Develop trust with GREENS and understand they are operating on what is best for the family. Ask for their opinion and listen attentively. 
    • The use of stories about how your solution has benefited others works well with YELLOWS. Help them understand their importance and ask questions about their future perspective.  
    • Get to the point quickly with REDS. Ask them to summarize what they like/don’t like about the proposal and be bold and confident about how this will benefit their goals. 

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