RECAP: 2018 FOX Rising Gen Forum



At FOX, we have found that a commitment to learning is a key characteristic for leaders. Many successful leaders are continuous learners who are driven to innovate through their innate curiosity and sense of discovery. 

Our sessions focused on exploring new concepts and discovering what is important to Rising Gen as future leaders. Attendees also had an opportunity to learn from and network with peers.

The Rising Gen Forum brings everyone together to:

  • Learn from peers 

  • Honor wealth and be a steward of wealth 

  • Provide a place to share experiences

Important topics of concern for the group were:

  • Talking to others like themselves to understand their place in the family 

  • Capturing lessons from past generations 

  • Contributing to family wealth 

  • Aligning family culture and family office culture 

  • Integrating goals across generations


"Rising Gen events give us an opportunity to start building relationships now with others who are facing similar issues.  Being involved in Rising Gen means we’re not doing any of this alone, and we will be able to support and celebrate each other for many years to come."
- 2018 Attendee

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