RECAP: 2019 FOX Fall Rising Gen Forum

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The 2019 FOX Rising Gen Forum, one of two held this year, provided an opportunity for family members in their 20s, 30s and 40s to meet and build relationships with other members of the Rising Gen community who are in similar situations. The Forum provided a place where they could have the authentic conversations they might not be able to with friends or business colleagues.

Participants learned about family dynamics as a rising generation member and best practices in navigating the unique challenges facing families with shared ownership. The Forum provided a great place to make genuine connections, learn, and bring new ideas back to the family and family office.

The FOX Rising Gen Forum offered participants an opportunity to learn from other families and:

  • absorb the lessons and wisdom afforded by a 5th generation family member who built upon a strong family legacy and values to establish a new approach to managing capital and philanthropy.
  • hear from members from a 7th generation family as they discussed their recent generational transition, providing a complete picture of the multi-faceted, complex nature of succession planning and transfer of power and control.
  • explore how to be an effective beneficiary with a family of engaged and active Rising Gen members as they shared their secret to making the trustee-beneficiary relationship a positive experience for the father-daughter team.
  • engage with FOX subject-matter experts in small, round-table discussions concerning governance, leadership roles, family dynamics, direct investing, and effective communication.


“[The FOX Rising Gen Forum] is a great place to connect and talk openly about the family business with other people in similar situations!”
- 2019 Attendee
“It’s a good opportunity to connect with other young folks figuring out how to navigate family and business.” 
- 2019 Attendee

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