FOX Private Family Trust Company Symposium

Veteran observers estimate that over 250 families have embraced the Private Family Trust Company (PFTC) as their robust and highly suitable structure for achieving the multi-generational goals of wealth preservation, stewardship and promoting flourishing families. At the same time, Private Family Trust Companies address a number of key short term needs including superior wealth, trustee and leadership succession; less intrusive regulation; insulation from personal liability; and optimized risk management. 

This program is designed for families operating, forming, or considering PFTCs. It covers lessons learned by PFTC families and their advisors, for the benefit of newcomers and veterans alike, while identifying key challenges confronting the industry and emerging solutions. This event is sold out. Additional registrations will be held on a waiting list in case of cancellation and you will be contacted if space becomes available.Thank you for your interest. 


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FOX Private Family Trust Company Symposium

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Veteran observers estimate that over 250 families have embraced the Private Family Trust Company (PFTC) as their robust and highly suitable structure for achieving the multi-generational goals of wealth preservation, stewardship and promoting flourishing families. At the same time, Private Family Trust Companies address a number of key short term needs including superior wealth, trustee and leadership succession; less intrusive regulation; insulation from personal liability; and optimized risk management. 

This program is designed for families operating, forming, or considering PFTCs. It covers lessons learned by PFTC families and their advisors, for the benefit of newcomers and veterans alike, while identifying key challenges confronting the industry and emerging solutions.
Attendees will learn:
  • The major trends and state of the private trust industry
  • The best states for PFTCs and why
  • How to minimize risk within the private family trust company
  • What regulators are looking for when examining your PFTC
  • Tools and restructuring strategies to maximize trust flexibility in meeting the changing needs of the family.
450 North Cityfront Plaza Drive
Chicago, Illinois 60611
This symposium is eligible for up to 8 CPE credits.  Sessions with an asterisk* can earn CPE credit. CPE eligibility is subject to state requirements
  FOX Members: Non-Member
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Pricing after 7/31/14 $1595 $1795


Additional attendees from the same organization are eligible for a discount. Contact for more information on multiple attendances.

FOX membership is not required to participate in this symposium, but space is limited.
This event is SOLD OUT, however, we are still accepting registrations. We have created a waiting list and as cancellations occur, we will inform all those that register if they are cleared to attend.
Questions: Email or call 312.327.1231


Monday, September 22

9:00 am Registration Opens
10:00 am

Welcome and Introductions

10:30 am– 11:30 am


The Trustee Risk Crisis and Its Impact on Finding/Selecting the Best Trustees*

Stephen W. Kidder, President and Managing Director, Hemenway Trust Company LLC, Mariann Mihailidis, Managing Director, Councils, Family Office Exchange and Miles C. Padgett , JD & CIMA, Partner, Kozusko Harris Duncan

Private Trust Companies were created and constantly evolve to meet the needs of wealthy families for trustees not adequately met by the traditional alternatives of institutional and individual trustees.  The foundations for choosing the right trustee for a family are
(i) identifying the role they need their trustee to play, and
(ii) understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each type of trustee for filling that role.  
This session provides those foundations but also will bring all program participants up-to-date on  adverse developments in the trust industry that have hampered the ability of individual and institutional trustees to meet the needs of families and how the PFTC can limit the impact of those developments.
Attendees will learn:
  • The unique roles trustees need to play for wealthy, strategic families
  • The traditional primary strengths and weaknesses of all three types of trustees in fulfilling those roles
  • How the trustee risk crisis has limited the ability of individual and institutional trustees alike to meet families’ needs
  • The ability of PFTCs to accept reasonable risks that other trustees cannot or will not accept


11:30 am-
1:00 pm



1:00 pm –
2:00 pm

The Private Family Trust Company—A Strategic Solution for the Family Enterprise*

Christine Franco, Vice President, The Duchossois Group, Inc., Sara Hamilton, CEO and Founder of Family Office Exchange and Ryan Harding, Partner, McDermott, Will and Emery
The PFTC represents an elegant evolution of the family office by solidifying the role of the family in managing all of the family assets (more than just trust assets) and implementing its strategic plan. In this session, expert advisors and a family office executive share how to successfully integrate the PFTC with the family enterprise.
Attendees will learn:
  • The role of the PFTC in implementing the family strategic plan through discretionary trust decisions and family member development
  • The contributions the PFTC can make to family governance
  • How to use the PFTC to provide investment and other family office services


2:00 pm–
3:00 pm

State of the PFTC Industry Today—Accomplishments and Challenges*

John Duncan, Partner, Kozusko Harris Duncan

A founder of the modern private trust company industry will provide a brief history of the industry and where it is at today:  its strengths, growing maturity, challenges and how it must evolve going forward.  

Attendees will learn:
  • A top-down overview of today’s state-of-art private trust company, both inside and out
  • Some key recent state law statutory, regulatory and case law developments
  • How today the federal regulation of PFTCs and family offices is identical
  • A short overview of the best PFTC states and the potential benefits of an off-shore PFTC

3:00 pm –
3:30 pm


3:30 pm –
5:00 pm

BREAKOUT: For those considering/developing a PFTC

In the Driver’s Seat and Under the Hood -
Creating and Operating a PFTC*

Jim Ethier, Chairman of the Board, Bush Brothers & Company, Carleen Schreder, Partner/Owner Levin Schreder & Carey, Ltd. and William R. Seale, Vice President General Counsel and Assistant Secretary, Bush Brothers & Company 
For those considering a PFTC or in the early stages of developing one, this session provides the  core information needed to get started, including identifying the right state and right structure for your family, chartering or licensing, and insight on the day to day realities of operating a PFTC.
Attendees will learn:
  • The chartering/licensing process and how to ready the company to do a trust business, well and safely
  • Internal structures for supporting fiduciary decision-making, trust administration and risk management
  • What to outsource, how and to whom
  • Managing the challenge of operating a PFTC in a state remote from family members, the family office and the family business(es)

3:30 pm-
5:00 pm


BREAKOUT: For those operating a PFTC

Supervision and Examination
of PFTCs*

Steve Crosby, Managing Director, PwC; Eileen Curran, Managing Director/Risk and Regulatory, PwC and David Peterson, Compliance Officer, South Dakota Trust Company. LLC

Regulated PFTC’s are licensed and supervised by state banking regulators.  In exchange, families are given the only non-federal, permanent corporate/LLC charter allowing them to provide trust services and, without registration with the SEC, act as an investment adviser.  The main price they pay is the burden of state regulations and examinations.  This session makes transparent the supervisory regime.
Attendees will learn:
  • Mission of state regulation of private trust companies
  • The most important criteria for approving  chartering/ licensing applications
  • Exam frequency, process and objectives
  • Keys to successful regulatory compliance
5:00 pm Cocktail Reception and Dinner

Tuesday, September 23

7:30 am Breakfast
8:30 am

Opening Comments

Mariann Mihailidis, Family Office Exchange

8:50 am -
9:45 am

Insights from Regulators:  State Perspectives about PFTCs and Their Family Trusts

James Spencer Culp, Director of Trust Supervision,, New Hampshire Banking Department, Greg Gonzales, Commissioner, Tennessee Department of Financial Institutions; Duane Lee, Cannon Financial and David Peterson, Compliance Officer, South Dakota Trust Company, LLC
To create truly bespoke trusts and PFTCs, families must choose the state whose tax and trust laws and regulatory and  public policy contexts best meets their needs.  This session features a panel of State Banking Commissioners sharing their respective perspectives and insights about the characteristics of their states offerings and where they see the industry headed.
Attendees will learn about state:
  • Trust law flexibility for settlers and beneficiaries
  • Favorable trust  laws and taxation
  • Confidentiality of trusts and PFTCs owner, clients and operations.  Authority to use family enterprise companies, affiliated investment funds and personnel without conflict issues
  • Supportive executive, legislative, regulatory and judicial branches for PFTCs and public-private/legislative/regulatory working groups
9:45 am –
10:30 am

Using a PFTC to Optimize Multi-Generational Investment Management*

Scott Baker, President, Perspecta Trust and Stuart E.Lucas,Wealth Strategist Partners, LLC.

PFTCs provide significant flexibility with respect to investment management.  The governance models afforded under PFTCs allow families to carefully craft the role of investment management, from the what, to the who, to the how.  Modern trust laws in select states will allow you to create this flexibility through PFTCs, or for those less inclined, through a directed trustee arrangement. 

Attendees will learn:

  • Review of investment and expenditure strategies with higher probabilities of maintaining/expanding wealth from generation to generation (e.g. holding the family business) 
  • Using tools available in the best states such as decanting, directed trusts, purpose trusts, delegation, reformation or non-judicial settlements that facilitate the implementation of the family’s sustainability strategies
  • Consideration of the risks and rewards of investment concentration 

10:30 am -
10:45 am

10:45 am–
12:00 pm

Structured Peer Exchange

Attendees will have the opportunity for in-depth conversation on current issues.

12:00 pm -
1:00 pm


1:00 pm-
2:00 pm


Responsibilities and Risks as the Family’s Trustee* 

Anita Sarafa, Managing Director, Wealth Advisory, JP Morgan Private Bank 

Poor trust risk management and family disunity remain major if not the major threats to families seeking to remain together from generation to generation.  Often embraced hesitantly by families, the most important risk management actions are basic and logical, only requiring families to understand and commit to them. Communication is often the key to both trust risk management and overcoming family disunity.

Attendees will learn: 
  • Primary fiduciary responsibilities/liabilities of trustees
  • Recent litigation against trustees
  • Basic processes, documentation and communications required to meet fiduciary responsibilities and manage the risks.
2:00 pm–
3:30 pm

Case Study  – The Art and Complexity of Distributions*

Matthew Tobin, Managing Director, South Dakota Trust Company, LLC and Miles C. Padgett , JD & CIMA , Partner, Kozusko Harris Duncan

Distributions have many implications for the PFTC.  The responsibilities of the Private Trust Company in preserving the corpus and being true to the role of the trustee must also align with the changing needs of the family.  This peer dialogue will center around a case study examining the art and complexity of family distributions:
  • What structures need to be in place?
  • Who should be on the committee?
  • How to balance changing needs of the family with trustee role of preserving the corpus?
  • How should requests be vetted to balance true opportunities vs protection of the corpus?
  • Whose view of best interests should prevail?  The settlors?  Beneficiary?  Trustee?
  • What are tax implications related to unplanned distributions and how are they incorporated into the decision process?
3:30 pm

Closing Comments

Sara Hamilton, CEO and Founder, Family Office Exchange, John Duncan, Partner, Kozusko Harris Duncan and Matt Tobin, Director, South Dakota Trust Company, LLC

 credit is offered on sessions marked with an asterisk*. CPE eligibility is subject to state requirements

Scott Baker, CFA, CFP®, President, Perspecta Trust

Mr. Baker is a 20-plus year veteran of the wealth management industry, holding previous roles as head of strategic planning for Goldman Sachs’ Wealth Management division, business unit head of Morgan Stanley’s Alternative Investment Group, and leader of Citigroup’s Business and Executive Solutions Operating Group.  Over his career, Mr. Baker has advised many of the nation’s wealthiest and most complex families in the areas of wealth transfer planning, estate structuring, philanthropy, and investment portfolio construction and management.

Mr. Baker is also co-founder and chairman of the New Hampshire Trust Council, a trade association created to support and foster New Hampshire’s growing trust industry.

Mr. Baker received a BS in Finance from Babson College, an MBA from the Amos Tuck School at Dartmouth, holds the Chartered Financial Analyst and Certified Financial Planner designations, and is licensed to sell real estate.

Steve Crosby, Managing Director of Americas Wealth Leader, PwC

Steve has more than 30 years experience in financial services and management consulting specializing in wealth management, large scale securities processing, market entry, asset conversion, outsourcing, private client services, securities lending, domestic and global custody, strategy, operations improvement, risk management, technology, cost take out, and procurement.

J. Spencer Culp, Director of Trust Supervision, New Hampshire Banking Department

Spencer Culp is an attorney licensed in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.  He has been with the New Hampshire Banking Department since 2012 as the banking division hearings examiner.  In that position he has served as a consumer protection investigator and prosecutor for complaints against banks, credit unions, and non-depository trust companies.  The bulk of his work, however, has consisted of regulatory review of institution transactions and providing legal advice to the Department.  Since 2013, he has focused increasingly on non-depository trust companies.  He currently serves on a stakeholders’ working group recodifying New Hampshire’s banking and trust laws and the Non-Depository Trust Working Group of the Conference of State Bank Supervisors.  Spencer was previously an attorney at the New Hampshire Office of the Attorney General.  There, he represented and counseled state agencies and professional licensing boards on multiple matters including contract disputes, employment law, investigations, and administrative adjudications.  He also defended state agencies and employees in state and federal court.  He is a magna cum laude graduate of the University of the New Hampshire School of Law.

Eileen Curran, Managing Director/Risk and Regulatory, PwC

Eileen has more than 23 years experience in financial services regulatory compliance and consulting specializing in regulatory expectations related to state and federally chartered trust banks, including pre-application assessments, pre-opening diagnostics, compliance assessments, post-examination remediation; annual reviews; trust audit program development and performance; compliance programs; trust risk assessments; training, regulatory reporting and collective investment funds.

John Duncan, Partner, Kozusko Harris Duncan

John Duncan combined his Chicago-based firm, Duncan Associates, on January 1, 2012, with Kozusko Harris Vetter Wareh to form Kozusko Harris Duncan. John founded Duncan Associates in 2000 to concentrate on the representation of family offices, private trust companies, investment funds and similar family entities and multi-family offices, private banks, boutique trust companies and wealth advisors and managers committed to serving private clients. John’s work with families and family offices has evolved to include major foci on designing and implementing family office services platforms and nsgenerational,trans-formative family governance systems. In 2012, Private Asset Management named John to its “Power 25” list of prominent players in wealth management and family offices who “excel in thought leadership and levels of influence in their respective fields.” In 2013, his firm, Kozusko Harris Duncan received the PAM Award as the Best Overall Law Firm in wealth management.

Jim Ethier, Chairman of the Board, Bush Brothers & Company

Jim is a third generation member of the Bush family. “BUSH’S BEST” is the nation’s leading brand of bean products. Founded in 1908 by Andrew Jackson Bush, the company is headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee and has production locations in Chestnut Hill, Tennessee and Augusta, Wisconsin. Currently he is Chairman of the Board of Bush Brothers & Company after a career as Chairman & CEO from 2003 to 2009, and President & COO from 1992 to 2003. Prior to that Jim was the CFO.  He has been with the company for 46 years.
Jim has participated in the food industry as a Board member of the Grocery Manufacturers Association and Board member and Chairman of the Food Products Association. He received the Guard Society Honorary Life Member Award for 2000 which recognizes individuals for their years of service and their contribution to the food industry. In 2005 he received the Distinguished Leadership Award from the Food Products Association.  In 2012, Jim was the recipient of the Family Enterprise Leadership Award from the Kellogg School at Northwestern University.

Christine Franco, Head of Family Office and Vice President of Strategic Asset Management, The Duchoissois Group, Inc.

Christine Franco is the head of the family office for the Duchossois Family.  Christine is Vice President of Strategic Asset Management, a division of The Duchossois Group, Inc.  In addition, Christine is Chief Operating Officer, Senior Trust Officer and Treasurer of Travers Trust Company LLC, a private trust company chartered in South Dakota.
Prior to joining Duchossois in 1996, Christine worked at Ernst & Young Chicago as a manager in their tax group. She spent one year abroad in Ernst & Young's Moscow, Russia office.
She received her Masters of Science in Taxation from DePaul University in Chicago in 1997.  In 1990, she received her Bachelors of Business Administration in accounting from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Greg Gonzales, Commissioner, Tennessee Department of Financial Institutions

Greg Gonzales is the 18th commissioner of the Tennessee Department of Financial Institutions, who began serving in this role in 2005, and was reappointed by Governor Bill Haslam. He has served in the department since 1986. In this position, Gonzales serves as Tennessee’s chief regulatory officer of all state-chartered depository and licensed non-depository financial institutions.  Additionally, he has served as assistant commissioner and general counsel for the department. 
Gonzales is a past Chairman of the Conference of State Bank Supervisors (CSBS), which is the professional organization of state banking commissioners in the United States. Commissioner Gonzales, for a number of years, served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Money Transmitter Regulators Association (MTRA), an organization of a majority of the states that regulate funds transfer companies. He served on the U.S. Treasury’s Bank Secrecy Act Advisory Group. Commissioner Gonzales currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Tennessee Financial Literacy Commission. Gonzales also currently serves on a national task force studying how new technologies are affecting the U.S. payment systems.

Sara S. Hamilton, Founder and CEO, Family Office Exchange

Sara Hamilton is the founder and CEO of Family Office Exchange (FOX), the definitive source of information and best practices associated with the business of managing family wealth across generations. The strength of the FOX network is derived from the collective knowledge and experience of over 330 globally-minded family enterprises based in 23 countries. Since 1989, FOX has made solutions accessible to financial families by fostering dialogue among wealth owners, family office executives and wealth advisors. In 2009, FOX celebrated its 20th anniversary of service, and remains true to its founding mission of objectivity in wealth management, member education and shared knowledge across a sophisticated, global network of families and leading wealth advisors.

Ryan M. Harding, Partner, McDermott, Will & Emery LLP

Ryan focuses his practice on tax, estate planning, and family and closely held business governance and succession issues.  He also regularly advises family offices on a wide range of business, corporate, real estate and tax matters.  Ryan frequently represents clients on complex estate administration and sophisticated wealth transfer planning as well as the formation and operation of private trust companies.  
Ryan is active in the Firm’s Estate, Trust and Guardianship Controversy group, and he often appears in court on behalf of clients for probate, estate, trust and guardianship administration.  He also has successfully represented taxpayers on contested tax matters through audits, administrative appeals and litigation.  In the fall of 2009, Ryan appeared before the Illinois Supreme Court to argue a case regarding the application of the Illinois state death tax.

Stephen W. Kidder, President and Managing Director, Hemenway Trust Company LLC

Stephen W. Kidder serves as President and Managing Director of Hemenway Trust Company.  Mr. Kidder is also a partner at Hemenway & Barnes LLP and was Managing Partner of the firm when the decision to establish Hemenway Trust Company was made. He oversaw the formation of the company. He also provides legal counsel to well-known businesses and nonprofit organizations.  In addition, he serves as a private fiduciary for many family trusts.  Previously, Steve served as Commissioner of Revenue for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
Steve serves as President, Board of Trustees, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston. He is Vice Chair, Boston Children's Hospital Trust; and Vice Chair, Board of Trustees, Wellesley College. Steve received his JD from Boston University School of Law, and his AB from Harvard University.

Duane E. Lee, II, Executive Vice President, Cannon Financial

Throughout his 30+ year in the Financial Services Industry Duane has amassed an astonishing body of knowledge. Duane consistently earns the highest marks from his students for his ability to clearly communicate complicated and complex subject matter. His deep experience in the industry enables him to connect with students so they are able to immediately convert the classroom experience to their daily responsibilities. As one of Cannon’s most senior instructors Duane frequently finds himself instructing both the Regulatory Agencies and the Financial Services Firms under their regulation.
Prior to joining Cannon, Duane was employed by M&T Bank in Buffalo, New York as Administrative Vice President. His responsibilities included senior management of Personal Trust, Institutional Custody, Employee Benefits, Corporate Trust, Mutual Fund Administration and Sales, as well as, Operations. Prior to joining M&T Bank, he was employed by the United Bank of Illinois as Senior Vice President and head of the Trust and Investment Division performing Trust services throughout all seven member banks of the Holding Company.Prior to joining United Bank, he was employed by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency as a National Trust Examiner.

Stuart E. Lucas, Chairman, Wealth Strategist Partners LLC, Author, Wealth: Grow It and Protect It

Stuart Lucas is the Chairman and Chief Investment Officer of Wealth Strategist Partners LLC, which acts as an outsourced Chief Investment Officer for some of the nation’s wealthiest families and individuals.  
Stuart has worked as an investment professional for over 30 years.  Prior to founding Wealth Strategist Partners (WSP), he was the Senior Managing Director of the Ultra-High Net Worth Group within Private Client Services at Bank One (now JP Morgan Chase). He has been co-CIO of his own family’s investment office for many years; the family remains a client of WSP, whose expertise has over time been put to work for additional families.  Earlier in his career, Stuart served as General Manager of Wellington Management Company’s European operations and as the Assistant Portfolio Manager of a Forbes Honor Roll mutual fund. 
Stuart designed and teaches Private Wealth Management, a program exclusively for wealth owners, for the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.  He is the author of Wealth: Grow It and Protect It, now in its second edition, and of numerous articles on investing and wealth management, including “The 50% Rule”. 

Mariann Mihailidis, Managing Director, Councils, Family Office Exchange

Mariann oversees the FOX member councils, which are private networks of close peers working together to advance their professional development and to solve the unique challenges they face in their management of private wealth. She has extensive experience in the accounting and legal fields. As a practicing tax and estate planning attorney, she develops strategies in wealth transfer issues, taxes, and corporate structures.

David Peterson, Compliance Officer, South Dakota Trust Company, LLC

David Peterson serves as Compliance Officer for South Dakota Trust Company, LLC.  Mr. Peterson’s primary responsibilities center on the areas of compliance and regulatory support for South Dakota Trust Company, LLC, and its public and private trust company partners.  This includes reviews and updates of policies and procedures, performance of public and private trust company risk assessments, acting as a liaison with the South Dakota Division of Banking, and providing updates on industry best practices.
Prior to joining South Dakota Trust Company, Mr. Peterson was a financial institution examiner with the South Dakota Division of Banking.  Mr. Peterson examined both private and public trust companies while with the South Dakota Division of Banking.  Mr. Peterson attended the University of Sioux Falls in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration in 2000.  Mr. Peterson also attended Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska, and received his Juris Doctor and Masters of Science in 2003.  Mr. Peterson is also a FIRMA member and received his CFIRS from Cannon Financial Institute in 2011.


Miles Padgett, Partner, Kosuzko Harris Duncan

Miles’ practice focuses on affluent families, family offices and trust companies (private or commercial) serving such clients. He counsels his clients regarding:

  • tax, business and compensation matters
  • governance and succession issues
  • investment adviser compliance and regulation issues
  • estate and trust planning
  • private trust company and other fiduciary chartering and on-going management matters, including anti-money laundering compliance and regulation, and
  • resolution of fiduciary and tax disputes.

Anita Sarafa, Managing Director, Wealth Advisor, J.P. Morgan Private Bank

A Chicago-based wealth advisor, Anita advises clients across the Midwest region on their comprehensive estate planning needs and goals including how to tax-efficiently hold, manage and transfer their wealth to family or charity. She also is a resource for a variety of clients on family governance issues, next generation education and family meetings. Prior to assuming this role, Anita was the Fiduciary Manager for the Midwest. Anita is an attorney, admitted to practice in Illinois is a member of the American and Chicago Bar Associations.
She is past president and a former board member of the Chicago Estate Planning Council, a 650 member professional organization, and is a current planned giving advisory board member to Ravinia Festival. She is also the past president and treasurer of the Auxiliary Board of Northwestern Memorial Hospital.
Anita speaks and writes nationally on topics related to sophisticated estate planning techniques, multi-state estate planning, charitable giving and tax planning and has been featured in The New York Times, Dow Jones, Business Week, The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, The Chicago Tribune, CLTV and other local and national media.

Carleen Schreder, Partner/Owner, Levin Schreder & Carey, Ltd.

Carleen focuses her practice on estate tax and income tax planning, working with both U.S. and international clients. She works extensively with families on multiple strategies for wealth transfer.  She has experience in the formation of private trust companies to administer trusts for a client's family and is an officer of two such companies.  She handles all forms of charitable planning, including private foundations, charitable trusts and donor advised funds. Carleen has also handled tax controversies, including estate tax and income tax audits and litigation. Carleen works with many clients, particularly in the real estate area, to structure loans, investments and sales or exchanges in order to maximize the deductibility of available losses and defer income taxation as appropriate. She represents many family owned businesses and helps them with succession planning and implementation of techniques to minimize gift and estate tax on transferring interests to the next generation. Carleen is recognized as a Leading Lawyer in Tax Law as well as Trust, Will and Estate Planning Law by the Illinois Leading Lawyers Network.

William R. Seale, Vice President General Counsel and Assistant Secretary, Bush Brothers & Company

After retiring from Wimberly Lawson, Bill joined Bush Brothers in October of 2007 in his current position of Vice President and General Counsel, and President of Shoebox Private Trust Company. Bill was Vice President of Management Resources, Inc., an employment consulting company.  He is currently on the Board of Directors of Young Life and Fellowship of Christian Athletes.  Bill is a member of the University of Tennessee Letterman’s Club.  He has been selected for Best Lawyers in America.  

Matthew Tobin, Managing Director, South Dakota Trust Company

Matthew Tobin is the Managing Director of the South Dakota Trust Company, LLC. His primary responsibilities include legislation management, special projects administration, new client/business development, general office administration, and development and management of the Private Family Trust Company business.
Mr. Tobin was formerly a member of the law firm Siegel, Barnett & Schutz, LLC. where his private law practice focused on general and business litigation. He also received considerable experience in negotiations, mediation, and alternate dispute resolution. Prior to joining Siegel, Barnett & Schutz, Mr. Tobin was a partner in the law firm of Johnson, Heidepriem, Miner, Marlow & Janklow, LLP.

Hotel Accommodations

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Rooms and rates are not guaranteed and subject to availability. All attendees are responsible for their own accommodations.
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