Membership FAQs

Q. What is Family Office Exchange?

A. Family Office Exchange (FOX) is the world’s first peer to peer network for ultra wealthy families and is the leading authority related to families of substantial wealth. With more than 25 years of experience, and a staff of 40 people based in Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Madrid, Spain, and Sydney, Australia, FOX is a thought leader in the areas of family governance, family office strategy, and family philanthropic endeavors.

Q. What does FOX do?

A. Sara Hamilton founded FOX in 1989 to provide objective information and advice on family wealth, family leadership, and different pathways available to sustain wealth across generations. True to this original vision, FOX strives to address new challenges and to provide insights on current trends and issues regarding investing, philanthropy, and owner education. As an advocate for wealth owners, FOX provides leadership in the private wealth field, helping to shape the industry and develop standards of performance for leading advisors. Helping members preserve and enhance their true family wealth by providing education, insights, and peer exchange is the sole focus of FOX.

Q. Who belongs to FOX?

A. FOX serves 330 ultra wealthy families, as well as 150 multi-family offices and advisory firms in 20 countries. More than 6,000 individual family members are served by the FOX global community.

On average, FOX family office members own assets in excess of $400 million, and more than half retain a direct ownership interest in the original business that created the family’s wealth.

  • 63% of family office members are still involved in the original business that created the wealth
  • 23% of family office members are Council Members
  • 64% of family office members are multi-generational families
  • 12% of family office members are outside the U.S.

Q. Does FOX provide family office services?

A.  No. FOX advises family groups about wealth management alternatives and possible roles for their offices but does not provide family office services.

Q. Is FOX a non-profit organization?

A. FOX is a for-profit company. The sources of revenue for the firm are membership and consulting services. FOX is an independent company, owned by active members of the firm.

Q. How does FOX ensure the confidentiality within the organization and at meetings?

A. All members comply with a code of conduct that respects the confidentiality of information shared by other members.

When reporting research conducted among members, FOX reports aggregated data and never individual results. When case studies are used for illustration, names and identifying details are changed to protect the identity and privacy of study participants.

When advisors participate in meetings with family office members, the presence of advisors is clear and the advisors excuse themselves if peer dialogue is part of the program.

Members of the media are never invited to be part of meetings where confidential family information or issues are discussed.

FOX employees work under a non-disclosure agreement specifically to safeguard client information.

Strict digital security procedures are in place to safeguard FOX research and member data.