FOX serves the investment needs of wealthy individuals and family offices by providing educational resources, peer networking opportunities, and proprietary research to help investors make better investment decisions for their families.

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Are you facing questions like these?

How are the smartest families and family offices adjusting their allocations to hedge funds and private equity?

FOX conducts an annual investment survey that shares data from more than 100 family offices as to how families are structuring their investments and provides asset allocation information to see how other families are changing their investments in hedge funds and private markets.

How can I connect with other sophisticated investors of private capital as I seek direct investment opportunities?

FOX has an active Direct Investing Network of more than 120 family offices that meet and discuss their direct investments with other family offices that may be interested in co-investment opportunities.

How can I find a group of peers that are equally tasked with managing a portfolio of private investments to help me make better investment decisions?

Today, Family Office Exchange offers a peer exchange network of nearly 500 families and family offices that are overseeing family wealth. FOX Private Investor membership serves as a resource to those families on investment-related topics and provides opportunities for investors to assist one another with manager due diligence, co-investment opportunities, asset allocation approaches and other topics where objective advice can be very difficult to find.

How do I educate myself and define my own investment philosophy before I hire an advisor or manager?

Investors that face a coveted "liquidity event" ($30 million or more) experience extraordinary complexity in their financial lives. How should they structure this complexity? Should they create a family office to serve their family or join a multi-family office? What type of investment advisor/consultant/wealth manager should they hire and how should they go about making that decision? How can they educate themselves and define their own investment philosophy - before they begin to interview potential advisors?

FOX provides the answers you need, through:


Find out what other families are doing

  • Meet true peers at FOX Events
  • Choose from 12 Peer Councils
  • Participate in 6 Special Interest Networks
  • Get answers from 16 Online Discussion Groups
  • Be introduced to peers and needed resources by your Relationship Manager

    Work more efficiently toward your goals

    • Work with 15 Experienced Subject Matter Experts
    • Benefit from the Experience of Trusted Peers in your Councils and Networks
    • Utilize Best Practices distilled from 29 years working with top families
    • Tap the FOX Consulting Team
    • Consult the FOX Advisor Directory

    You'll be at the epicenter of thinking about best practices for families

    • Choose from 5 FOX Forums each year
    • Watch 24 Semi-monthly educational webinars
    • Partake in 2-day Workshops for critical training
    • Consult the online FOX Knowledge Center​​​​​​​
    • Read summaries of Council group discussions​​​​​​​