Complex families are faced with creating efficiencies and alignment across multiple dimensions that can include the family, financial assets, philanthropy, and business - we call this the Enterprise Mindset. FOX is committed to providing families with access to networking, continuous learning, and objective guidance to help them achieve success.

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Every family office is as unique as the family it serves. Services offered by family offices differ greatly, but can include investing, tax and estate planning, cash flow management, family learning, preserving family values, and more. Family Office Executives participate so that they can network with other family offices, access best practices, and gain insights from FOX thought leadership.

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Advisors are an important part of the FOX community and are carefully screened to ensure that they represent the leaders in their profession. Advisor members participate so that they can learn how to better serve the needs of families, and contribute their proprietary thought leadership to benefit all members, while respecting a strict non-solicitation policy.

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Who Can Join FOX?
The FOX Community thrives by providing a highly selective and confidential space for our diverse group of members, consisting of families, family office executives, and trusted advisors.