Why Join FOX?

What you can expect from

belonging to FOX

Elevate your skills

Belonging to FOX will elevate your skills as manager of your family’s wealth.

Expand your horizons

FOX will help expand your horizons about the possibilities of what you can be doing.

Find out what you don't know

FOX will introduce you to aspects of your job that you probably would not think of on your own.

Make your work easier

FOX will provide guidance and examples to give you a head start and save you steps.

Tap into the collective experience

Ultimately, FOX will help ensure that you take advantage of the experience of those who have gone before because you will be tapping into the collective experience of hundreds of wealthy families.

Join a network of hard to find peers

Finally, FOX membership will give you the support of a network of hard to find peers who are facing the same challenges as you.

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