Single Family Office Benchmarking

FOX Single Family Office Benchmarking is the industry’s most in-depth source of operating metrics for family offices. The benchmarking report provides participants with:

  • Excellent support for performance discussions with owners
  • An objective basis for decision making
  • The ability to measure performance against others
All participants will receive access to a comprehensive readout of benchmarking results. 

Areas of Benchmarking Focus

  • Family office oversight 
  • Complexity and cost  
  • Family office sustainability
  • Ownership, engagement, and governance

Who Should Participate

FOX invites single family offices or virtual single family offices serving families with investible assets of $50 million and greater to participate in FOX Single Family Office Benchmarking. FOX welcomes participation from qualified non-members as data quality and analysis is enhanced by a larger number of participants.

How to Participate

  • FOX single family office members will receive an email with instructions for secure access to the questionnaire. If you are a member interested in benchmarking but have not received your instructions, please contact us
  • Non-members, please call 312-327-1200 or fill out this form to be screened for participation.

Survey Commitment and Support

  • Input will be required from staff members serving in CEO, CFO and CIO roles.
  • FOX encourages participants to complete all portions of the survey. Where necessary, FOX will accept partial responses.
  • Experienced FOX staff members are on standby to support you as you gather data to complete the survey. Please email or call 312-327-1200 if you need advice or assistance.
Data Security and Confidentiality
The privacy of survey data shared with FOX is paramount. In addition to a secure online registration process and transport layer security (TLS) encryption, all survey responses are reported in aggregate form only to protect the privacy of respondents. To learn more, please read the FOX Data Security and Confidentiality Statement.