Webinar - Voice of the Ultra-Wealthy Family: Evolving Client Behaviors and the Impact on Advisors

Oct 23 2019

  According to FOX research, changing client behavior impacts what services need to be provided, how to develop talent and even the way firms articulate their value in the marketplace. In this webinar, we'll examine the shift in behavior which can ...

Webinar - Macroeconomic Update: Navigating the Global Markets

Nov 06 2019

  Jean Joseph, Managing Director of Owl Rock Capital Partners, will discuss the status of the global markets in the context of the credit cycle and some signs pointing to a need for caution in today’s market. Mr. Joseph will then delve into the...

Webinar - Risk Management in Private Aviation: Finding the Safest Solution for Your Family

Nov 13 2019

  In this webinar, Dave Hewitt, Executive Vice President of Safety at Wheels Up and an aviation veteran with over 30 years’ experience, will educate you on the most important questions to ask and things to understand when looking for the safest...

Webinar - 5 Big Financial Integration Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Nov 20 2019

  Financial integrations give companies a competitive edge. They allow for disparate systems to work synchronously. They eliminate the rekeying of data, enable the sharing of information across teams or departments, and allow for the gathering of...

Webinar - Antidote for Expensive Markets

Dec 11 2019

  Most analysts agree that US. equity and fixed income markets are over-priced and many other areas of developed markets are no better. Some advocate moving to cash, but are there more attractive alternatives? In this webinar, we'll discuss several...