FOX Public Webinar: A Deep Dive on Family Office Services

Sep 25 2018

If you think you may need a family office to manage your family’s wealth or you want to take your family office to the next level with a special, deeper look at services, this webinar will help you understand the role and functions of a family...

Webinar - Natural Disasters: Understanding Exposures and Risks

Oct 03 2018

  Over the past several years, the world has experienced an increase in the number of devastating natural disasters, yet according to FEMA more than 60% of Americans lack a household emergency plan. In this webinar, Marsh Private Client Services and...

Webinar - Highlights from the 2018 FOX Family Office Compensation and Benefits Survey

Nov 14 2018

  Attracting and retaining talent is the top Human Capital challenge in family offices today. FOX Managing Director, David Toth and Ken Cameron of Grant Thornton LLP will join us and share what 156 of your peers who completed the 2018 FOX Family...