Webinar - Family Office Insurance: Risk Management in a Time of Fluctuation

Sep 11 2019

  Many family offices are in a period of change. New family offices continue to emerge; established family offices are shifting strategies and service models. Macroeconomic factors and the perpetually pending market downturn loom over daily...

Webinar - Approaching Prenuptial Agreements Positively

Sep 18 2019

  The mere word “prenup” strikes fear and anxiety into the hearts of most who hear it. When we realize we have to broach this topic, our thoughts immediately jump to the worst-case scenario - a broken engagement. Or we envision suffering through...

Webinar - Highlights from the 2019 Family Office Study – Benchmarking

Sep 25 2019

  Demonstrating the value of a family office is no small task. The pressing priorities of an office often leave little room to fully comprehend the impact of all moving parts. The 2019 FOX Family Office Study explored several key components of...

Webinar - Risk Management in Private Aviation: Finding the Safest Solution for Your Family

Nov 13 2019

  In this webinar, Dave Hewitt, Executive Vice President of Safety at Wheels Up and an aviation veteran with over 30 years’ experience, will educate you on the most important questions to ask and things to understand when looking for the safest...

Webinar - 5 Big Financial Integration Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Nov 20 2019

  Financial integrations give companies a competitive edge. They allow for disparate systems to work synchronously. They eliminate the rekeying of data, enable the sharing of information across teams or departments, and allow for the gathering of...