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Custom Solutions

For over 30 years, FOX has provided confidential, tailored advice and solutions to complex, successful families and their family offices. Our dedicated team of consultants is available to give extra attention to those who require a more personal and specific approach to unique challenges.

We provide a roadmap to help multigenerational families assess where they are in their journey together and practical solutions to help them navigate key challenges and pitfalls.

FOX experts bring the expertise and knowledge to help families identify the most critical questions they need to address and the tools and processes required for successful outcomes.

About FOX Consulting

Whether through a custom-designed engagement with family leaders or a broader program for educating the entire family, we start with a focus on the goals and objectives of the family, and we help identify solutions that best fit the family’s unique situation. Our proven and disciplined process fosters collaboration across the family to design concrete plans all family members can understand, endorse, and implement together.

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Our team uses a goals-based approach and draws on extensive client experience, FOX research, benchmarking data, and member best practices. Our four-step process is tailored to your immediate and future situation.

  1. Fact Finding
  2. Evaluation and Interpretation
  3. Options and Recommendations
  4. Roadmap for the Future


  • Family Alignment, Shared Values, and Future Vision
  • Family Transitions and Leadership Succession
  • Family Learning and Rising Gen Leadership Development
  • Six Stages in Enterprise Strategic Planning
  • Family Governance Structures and Decision-making Processes
  • Family Office Assessment and Best Practices
  • Family Office Technology Integration and Operations
  • Single Family Office Design and Strategy Objectives
  • Multi-family Office versus Single Family Office Selection Process
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