FOX Consulting

For wealth owners and family offices

We provide practical solutions, backed by best practices and benchmarking data, to help families meet the challenges of wealth.

At FOX, we know that while every family is unique, each faces the same general challenges related to sustaining wealth. What helps families of wealth stay together through the generations?

  • A defined vision and intentional strategic planning
  • Continuous education on options and opportunities
  • Real collaboration and effective communication with the family office and third-party advisors
  • Clear decision-making processes and leadership succession plans

About FOX Consulting

FOX has provided confidential, custom consulting services for more than 20 years. Our strategic advice and practical solutions help families face the challenges of preserving wealth, especially during periods of transition.

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Consulting Team

Our consultants bring considerable background in wealth management and family dynamics, along with a disciplined process. The team has extensive family office experience as well as access to the broader FOX organization.

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Our Proven Process

Our team uses a goals-based approach and draws on extensive client experience, FOX research, benchmarking data, and member best practices. Our four-step process is tailored to your immediate and future situation.

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Challenges & Solutions

We know that while every family is unique, each faces common obstacles. To address the challenges families face, we work with families and family offices to develop a strategic family office business plan.

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