Private Trust Companies

Private Trust Company

Private Trust Companies

Deciding if a Private Trust Company is right for your family

A Private Trust Company (PTC) allows a family to bring its trust assets and trustee responsibilities together under one roof, permit the retention of special, complex assets, enable multiple generations to take part in the decision-making process, and provide long-term continuity in the management of the family’s holdings and trusts.

It can also potentially decrease the expenses associated with complex trust administration.

Still, a PTC is not suitable for all families and requires an enduring commitment of time and attention.

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Success with Private Trust Companies

Under the right circumstances, and with an intentional approach, the PTC has proven to be a robust structure for achieving the multi-generational goals of wealth preservation, stewardship, responsible ownership, and family togetherness and success.

FOX regularly holds workshops focused on the Private Trust Company. These workshops are for those exploring, implementing, or already operating a PTC and interested in learning about best practices from experts and peers. To learn more please visit our events page.