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Dr. Gustavo Grodnitzky on Working with Millenials

Apr 01 2014 - Todd Luchik

Employers in the wealth management industry face two distinct talent challenges, one long-term and the other immediate. According to a recent Accenture report titled “The ‘Greater’ Wealth Transfer: Capitalizing on the Intergenerational Shift in Wealth,” Baby Boomers stand to pass on an estimated $30 trillion in wealth to their Generation X and Millenial heirs. Looking ahead, wealth advisors are scrambling to find that next generation of talent to help preserve and provide service to this younger and... Read more »


Three Standards of Wealth Preservation for Business-Owning Families

Mar 30 2014 - Family Office Exchange

Business owning families face the simultaneous challenges of running a business while planning for the future of the family and the management of family capital. While successful businesses benefit from disciplined operations and strategic planning, the management of family wealth is often eclipsed by the needs of the business and delegated to trusted business executives. Knowing when to separate these functions and how to make a smooth transition can increase the chances of long-term financial success and... Read more »


Operating as a Family Enterprise – Integration in Practice

Mar 13 2014 - Family Office Exchange

Every family enterprise needs a framework for holding together the disparate parts of the family activities, and a process for managing the elements in the framework. An integrated model of the Family Enterprise encompasses the family’s capital goals (in green), family governance and leadership issues (in gold), and the coordination of financial alternatives and solutions (in blue). The goals are the backbone from which everything else takes direction. In successful multi-generational families, these goals... Read more »


Building a Family Enterprise

Mar 13 2014 - Family Office Exchange

Successful multi-generational families often have difficulty making the transition from a business-centric family to a family-centric enterprise as the scope of their activities expand, and the family grows across generations.   The diversity inherent in the growing group of shareholders brings the enterprise model to life. Some shareholders care most about the growth of the business capital; others care more about the growth of their social capital (and its impact on the community); and still others care... Read more »


Next Generation Preparation and Engagement in the Context of Family Legacy

Mar 06 2014 - Arne Boudewyn, Abbot Downing

For most families, the natural evolution of wealth concerns eventually shifts from creating, preserving and transferring wealth to the realities of next generation education and preparation. With a growing body of research underscoring the importance of applying early and sustained attention to the preparation of heirs, many families have reprioritized to focus more intentionally on wealth education for next generation family members. Starting Early With younger family members, education about the role of... Read more »



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