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FinTech: Are We About to See "Uber" for Financial Services?

Nov 23 2015 - Steven Draper

For several years now, wealth advisors have been concerned about the rise of robo-advisors and the potential impact on the wealth management industry. There is a strong potential disruption from the new financial technology (or FinTech) start-ups, each with goals of becoming the “Uber” of peer-to-peer lending or the “Airbnb” of robo-advising.   When I talk to people in the industry about this movement, some are truly excited about it, others are quite worried, and others still have no idea what to do.   ... Read more »


Great Family Leaders

Nov 05 2015 - Amy Zehnder, Ascent Private Capital Management of U.S. Bank

Stop for a moment and think about the leaders in your world. Consider friends, family members, teachers, colleagues and business partners. Which of these people would you consider to be the "best” leaders? Who stands out and what makes them stand out above others?   Perhaps it's because they show you they care about you as a person, or because they are authentic, honest, trustworthy and reliable. Maybe they listen to you in a way that you feel heard. Maybe they believe in you, challenge you in a good way... Read more »


Using Your Wealth to Make a Better World

Oct 28 2015 - Marv Pollack

  Jonah Wittkamper wants to start a conversation about wealth—and help rising generation family leaders find their life purpose in the process.    “I think many people think that the meaning of life is to simply accumulate as much material wealth as you can,” says Wittkamper, Co-Founder and Global Director of Nexus, a global network of more than 2000 next generation wealth leaders. “I want to create a conversation and suggest that the narrative surrounding wealth should move away from materialism and... Read more »


Five Things Every Horse Owner Should Know

Oct 14 2015 - Gina Teresi, Partner/Chief Operating Officer, Commercial Insurance Consultants (in association with AIG Private Client Group)

For many, owning a horse is the realization of a lifelong passion. However, it can also increase your risk of financial loss or even lawsuits. Whether you board your horse on your own property or at a professional facility, it’s important to ask yourself, “Am I protected against the potential risks?”   Here are the top five questions horse owners should ask their advisors about their equine coverage:   1) Do you have clear proof of coverage on your policies?  Many owners assume their horses have coverage... Read more »


Is the Real Estate Market Overheated?

Oct 09 2015 - Linda Shepro

Is the real estate market overheated?    In October 2014, PwC published a report based on interviews of dozens of leading real estate professionals across a number of sectors and disciplines. The report, “Emerging Trends in Real Estate® 2015,” predicted that the momentum of the last five years would continue but cautioned investors to take nothing for granted. “It is possible to stretch for opportunities—you just have to be aware of how much runway you have left in the current cycle.” Experts also... Read more »



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