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Tax-Deferred Strategies for Commercial Real Estate Owners

May 27 2016 - Michael Malakoff, Managing Director, Center for Wealth Impact, Ascent Private Capital Management of U.S. Bank.

It was the best of times. It was the…best of times (sorry Dickens). With significantly raised values since the economic downturn of 2008-2009 and rents at record highs, many of our real estate clients seem to be in fantastic positions to capitalize on a truly fairytale moment for commercial property. In spite of, or perhaps because of, this strong showing, a growing number seem to be ready to cash in their chips. We cannot say whether this indicates a peak in the market or frothiness in certain product... Read more »


Wealth Management as a Second Family Business

May 19 2016 - Jane Flanagan

Navigating the Evolution from Business Owner to Financial Family Families held together by a family-controlled business share a feeling of pride about the business. Their identity as a family is tightly woven into the fabric of the business that houses the history of their hard work and success. Many entrepreneurs who have enjoyed the challenge of building a family business face the decision to sell or take significant liquidity out of the business with mixed feelings—and a certain amount of trepidation.... Read more »


10 Strategies for Family Unity

May 17 2016 - Sara Hamilton, Founder & CEO, and Jane Flanagan, Director of Family Research

In putting together the FOX Guide to Family Education, we were able to identify a number of innovative strategies to enhance owner engagement and foster an ongoing education program for family members:  1. Central Website for Family Communication Successful families recognize the importance of keeping the family connected. Many rely on a family website as their communications hub for the family. This is where family members go to learn about the family history and the family tree, find out what their... Read more »


5 Steps to Becoming a More Strategic Philanthropist

May 11 2016 - Julie Shafer, head of Strategic Philanthropy and Purpose Investing, Wealth Management Group, Bank of the West

Many of today’s ultra-wealthy philanthropists are looking for smart ways to make their donation dollars work hard for causes they care about deeply. They often value additional guidance on how much to give, through which funding vehicles, to which charities, over what timeframe, and with what purpose in mind. I’ll often encourage such clients to consider new choices in the shape of Purpose Investing. Purpose Investing combines charitable donations with investments in companies designed to build wealth and... Read more »


Cybersecurity and the Family Office

May 05 2016 - Steven Draper

We all hear how cybercrime is a fast-growing crime, one of the fastest growing crimes and that the financial services sector is a target. There is no single solution to the problem, and unfortunately technology is unlikely to provide one in the near future. Threat protection technology typically lags behind the latest cybercrime tactics. However, there is one underutilized defense against cybercrime that family offices need to consider: educating their clients and employees so that they themselves can be... Read more »



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