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Re-Energize with Enterprise

Jul 07 2015 - Scott Winget, senior managing director of the Center for Wealth Impact, Ascent Private Capital Management of U.S. Bank

Family wealth is notoriously difficult to maintain across generations. Without a powerful strategic vision, statistics show that family wealth is bound to dissipate. One useful strategy for nurturing a legacy is to foster an entrepreneurial culture within the family. Most families of wealth began their stories generations ago with an entrepreneur—a risk-taker with vision, tenacity and optimism—who magically created something of value, seemingly from thin air. Later generations, who benefit from the wealth... Read more »


Engaging the Next Generation - From the Next Gen Point of View

Jun 22 2015 - Bryn Mars, Board Member, Foster Holdings

Raise your hand if your family has ever had a cousins group that was somehow engaged in investing together. Keep your hand up if after a year or two, or even three, those Next Gens were no longer interested in their group. My hand is up. Is yours? Now, raise your hand if you decided to find a way to work past that blip in time, and have a thriving group. Hand still up? Mine is. Here are some of the reasons why: First, we diversified—and I don’t just mean our portfolio. When the process of investing was no... Read more »


Trust Decanting: An Estate Trend on the Rise

Jun 16 2015 - Family Office Exchange

It used to be very difficult for beneficiary’s to change the terms of previously-established trusts, and if they were able to make the changes at all, it could be quite costly. But through a process known as “trust decanting,” trustees can “pour” the assets from an older, less-desirable trust into a new one. This essentially allows beneficiaries to change or rearrange the structure of the trusts. Many states have enacted decanting statutes in the past few years, and there has been a corresponding increase... Read more »


Impact Investing: Positively Addressing Challenges While Pursuing Financial Return

Jun 16 2015 - Jonathan Firestein and Sean Olesen, CFA, CAIA, Ascent Private Capital Management of U.S. Bank

Families with significant wealth often tell us they wish to deploy a portion of their resources to make some kind of positive impact—broadly defined as doing good for people and the planet. We know that for many clients, the pursuit of impact is fundamental to their efforts to define their family or foundation legacy. While one way to achieve impact is by giving time and money to nonprofits and foundations, philanthropic activities can be complemented by impact investing. Impact investments are made with... Read more »


The Impact of Longer Life Expectancy on Family Wealth Management

Jun 05 2015 - Marv Pollack

There seems to be at least one new concept that lingers in the memory and creates a buzz among the attendees at each FOX event. At this year’s FOX Wealth Advisor Forum, it was the observation by Glen W. Johnson, Managing Director of Mirador Family Wealth Advisors, on the significant impact that increasing life expectancy is going to have on the dynamics of family wealth management. One hundred fifty years ago, life expectancy in the US was 40. Fifty years ago, it rose to 60. Today it is nearly 80. How... Read more »



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