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The Two Features in Family Offices with Top Investment Returns

Apr 17 2015 - Jane Flanagan

There’s a strong correlation between family offices’ investment performance and reliance on a CIO and investment committee. In analyzing the results of the 2015 FOX Global Investment Survey, our annual survey of investor attitudes and behaviors, we found that one group had significantly outperformed the rest. We looked into what accounted for the difference, and found that they had an internal CIO and/or investment committee directing the investment strategy and often had a committee structure for setting... Read more »


Personal Gifting: The Journey from Impulsive to Strategic Gifts

Apr 07 2015 - William Tickle, Senior Investment Advisor and Director of Impact Investing at Ballentine Partners, LLC

With the impulse-inducing holiday season past, we are well into a new year, maybe even with a resolution or two to keep. Most of what happens over the holidays I can only handle once a year, but I do wish that everyone could keep up the spirit of giving and sharing with those less fortunate for the balance of the year, too. This got me thinking: why is it that most of us tend to make donations so impulsively, and, dare I say it, selfishly? Along with the change to a new calendar year is the need to file a... Read more »


Leaders Are Taught, Not Born

Apr 06 2015 - Family Office Exchange

Leadership is an integral part of a wealth advisor’s everyday responsibilities as someone responsible for providing holistic and integrated family wealth services. Sarah Biggerstaff, noted coach and lecturer in the practice of leadership at Yale School of Management, will walk participants through a process to unlock their potential and explore their personal identity as a leader at the 2015 FOX Wealth Advisor Forum.  In preparation for this year’s Forum, we asked Sarah five questions about leadership and... Read more »


How the Cloud has Transformed Technology in the Family Office

Mar 20 2015 - Steven Draper

There has been a paradigm shift in family office technology. A decade ago, family offices had to custom build systems to meet their specific needs. It was expensive, cumbersome, and could quickly prove obsolete as the family’s needs grew and evolved. Even when cloud-based solutions first joined the conversation, many offices expressed concern about how trustworthy the systems truly were—particularly when it came to privacy and data security. Today, the cloud has completely transformed wealth management... Read more »


Benchmarking: Family Unity Through Philanthropy

Mar 06 2015 - Marv Pollack

An impressive 79% of families say they have at least one family foundation.  That's what we found in the 2014 FOX Family Office Benchmarking™ survey, our comprehensive biannual benchmarking study among single family offices. This 79% number is consistent with the 80% of families that reported having foundations back in 1996. First- and second-generation family offices (81%) are also just as likely later-generation family offices (77%) to have a foundation, as philanthropy is often the glue that binds... Read more »



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