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Finding a Job in a Family Office

Apr 26 2016 - Karen Neal, CFO, CSC Family Partners

I recently participated in a roundtable session at a CFA Society of Chicago career event with 12 moderators each leading a table discussion on careers in various investment specialties. My session was on family office careers. Almost everyone at my three consecutive table discussions started with the question: What is a family office? I appreciated the interest of the participants who wanted a quick snapshot, and found it challenging to explain what types of jobs may be available to investment... Read more »


Making Impact Investing Your Own

Apr 19 2016 - Amy Hart Clyne, Managing Director, Family Office Exchange and Gretchen Postula, Head of Investor Relations, North Sky Capital

As impact investing is maturing, we’re seeing an evolution of that very definition. In an earlier FOX Insights blog post, FOX Thought Leaders Council™ member Mark Harder of Warner Norcross & Judd defined impact investing as “making investment with the intention of generating positive environmental or social impacts, as well as financial returns.” But even as this definitely has come to be widely accepted as the industry standard, the process of implementing such a strategy is far from universal.... Read more »


Help with Domestic Help

Apr 13 2016 - Romar Carl, Director, Center for Wealth Impact Planning, Ascent Private Capital Management of U.S. Bank

Margaret hired the neighborhood girl down the street to watch her children a couple days a week and run some simple errands for her. She never imagined that when she did that, she became an “employer” with all the legal implications that go along with that title. She is now being audited by the IRS and they are breathing down her neck, imposing fines and back taxes. Don’t let this happen to you. Before you decide to start paying someone to give you an extra hand, you may want to take a few added steps to... Read more »


The One Factor Every Advisor-Client Relationship Comes Down To

Apr 11 2016 - David Toth

Across all industries, client expectations are changing. Wealth management for the ultra-wealthy is no exception. With the advent of technological disruptors and on-demand everything, consumers now expect high-quality services that don’t just meet, but defy their expectations. This challenge is clearly a lofty one, especially for advisors servicing the ultra-wealthy community, whose members have (rightfully) come to expect world-class quality and service from luxury brands such as Mercedes Benz and Ritz... Read more »


What You Can Learn from Nancy Reagan’s Funeral

Mar 31 2016 - Family Office Exchange

When former First Lady Nancy Reagan passed away in March, millions of Americans mourned the loss. On the day of her funeral, people across the country watched the ceremony live on TV, while hundreds of others—including former President George W. Bush and First Lady Michelle Obama, and the Reagan family—attended the service at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California. While the events honoring Mrs. Reagan unfurled seamlessly, a dedicated team was hard at work behind the scenes to ensure the... Read more »



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