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Family Office Holiday Parties: What You Should Know

Dec 05 2016 - Kasey Mueller

Not to be a total Scrooge, but I would be remiss if I didn't raise a cautionary holiday season human capital reminder that your family office holiday party can expose you to increased employer liability. You should begin planning now regarding the policy and communication efforts that will ensure a safe and productive holiday season for your family office. Office Parties Gone Wrong While the intent of hosting a holiday party for your family office is to revel in good cheer together, you should be aware... Read more »


Tips on Smart Family Leadership

Dec 05 2016 - Kristen Armstrong, Strategic Wealth Coach, Ascent Private Capital Management

When the family friend of Dustin Hoffman’s character in the 1960s film The Graduate took the young man aside to offer him career advice, he had just one word of advice for the young man: “Plastics.”  If there were to be one word I’d offer leaders of family businesses today, it would be “Neuroplastics,” for the discovery of the plasticity of the human brain has revolutionized not only modern neuroscience, but also leadership science. Breakthroughs in understanding the plasticity, or changeability, of our... Read more »


The Next Big Thing in Family Office Technology

Nov 04 2016 - Steve Draper

This is the missing piece and, I hope, the next big thing in technology for financial services and the family office: using automation to create value in the back office. When you look at current trends in financial services, client experience is (quite rightly) seen as the place on which to focus resources. What I would caution, however, is that good client experience has to be backed by operational excellence. Where are the tools to ensure this? Today, financial services companies rely on people to do... Read more »


The Evolution of Cybersecurity

Oct 07 2016 - Steven Draper

How important is cybersecurity to you? If you’re like many family offices, it’s up there as a top priority: in the latest FOX benchmarking survey on family office technology, data security was cited as the top technology concern of FOX members. But what is your office doing about it? FOX benchmarking has found that family offices’ focus on cybersecurity has come a long way, with families and executives taking note of high-profile hacking stories and heeding the warnings of industry experts and taking... Read more »


5 Things You Need to Know Before Executing a Family Leadership Transition

Sep 14 2016 - Karen Neal, CFO, CSC Family Partners

While I was working as a consultant for FOX, the topic of leadership succession was often on my mind—particularly whenever I was working with a multi-generational family to facilitate the process for the family’s leadership transition. So for those of you thinking about leadership succession, here are five things to know before embarking on the journey: 1) Knowing that succession is an ongoing process, and not an event, will help the family – Most families are going through some sort of transition at any... Read more »



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