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The Evolution of Cybersecurity

Oct 07 2016 - Steven Draper

How important is cybersecurity to you? If you’re like many family offices, it’s up there as a top priority: in the latest FOX benchmarking survey on family office technology, data security was cited as the top technology concern of FOX members. But what is your office doing about it? FOX benchmarking has found that family offices’ focus on cybersecurity has come a long way, with families and executives taking note of high-profile hacking stories and heeding the warnings of industry experts and taking... Read more »


5 Things You Need to Know Before Executing a Family Leadership Transition

Sep 14 2016 - Karen Neal, CFO, CSC Family Partners

While I was working as a consultant for FOX, the topic of leadership succession was often on my mind—particularly whenever I was working with a multi-generational family to facilitate the process for the family’s leadership transition. So for those of you thinking about leadership succession, here are five things to know before embarking on the journey: 1) Knowing that succession is an ongoing process, and not an event, will help the family – Most families are going through some sort of transition at any... Read more »


Meet Mellody Hobson

Sep 09 2016 - Marv Pollack

  There are few speakers more compelling than Mellody Hobson. Hobson (president of Ariel Investments, chairman of the board for DreamWorks Animation SKG, Inc., director of The Estée Lauder Companies Inc. and Starbucks Corporation) is one of the most innovative thinkers and prominent leaders in the business world today. She is a young, dynamic, accomplished investment professional who has strong credentials in philanthropy, serves on several aforementioned corporate boards, and has a keen eye for what’s... Read more »


How are Wealth Advisors Evolving?

Sep 01 2016 - David Toth

In my previous blog post, “Is the Multi-Family Office Pricing Model Broken?”, I noted that there has been a 15% drop in the pricing of wealth management-related services for ultra-high net worth client prospects since 2012. Since then, I heard back from several of you asking about how advisors plan to respond to these changes in the market. Their response to the changing dynamics of price and value actually involves two steps:  things they have already done, and the things they are in the process of doing... Read more »


Finding Growth in Emerging Markets

Aug 29 2016 - Nicolas Rohatyn, CEO/CIO, The Rohatyn Group

When considering an allocation to emerging markets, investors are almost universally seeking growth. Emerging economies have, indeed, significantly outperformed developed economies, with a GDP growth differential of over 4% per year during the decade from 2006 to 2015, based upon IMF data. For the past few years, however, emerging markets have been subject to deep skepticism over the sustainability of their growth potential, leading many to curtail or even abandon allocations to markets that represent... Read more »



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