The Rising Generation

Rising Gen

The Rising Generation

Who Are the Rising Gen

The FOX rising generation (rising gen) community consists of family members in their 20s, 30s, and 40s navigating the complexities of wealth and the multi-generational family enterprise.

They are future family leaders who will help sustain the family’s legacy across the generations, whether through a formal role in the family business, foundation, and other charitable vehicles, governance structure, or as a responsible wealth owner and steward.

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Peer Connection and Education

The rising gen peers gather in virtual meetings, in-person programs, online networks, and learning cohorts. FOX is committed to meeting the unique needs of this group as they navigate their way within the family enterprise. This group is curious and eager to learn as they find their voice and place within the family system and across the communities where they live and do business.

While a family’s future will inevitably rest on the shoulders of this next generation, too often, they are left without a clear understanding of expectations and without an end goal to strive towards. It comes as no surprise that rising gen in the FOX community have identified their top challenges as a lack of:

  • Future role definition in the family enterprise
  • Opportunities for leadership and skills development
  • Knowledge of how to navigate family dynamics and effectively communicate with leading generations

FOX is committed to addressing these challenges and providing a safe space for the rising gen to connect, learn, and grow authentically. FOX helps prepare and empower the next generation of family leaders through learning programs, leadership, and a rising-gen-only peer community. FOX is also committed to helping families and family offices better understand the “voice of the rising gen” and how they can best assist in meeting their critical needs and challenges.

To learn more, explore article by Chief Learning Officer, Mindy Kalinowski Earley, "The Time is Now for your Rising Gen" and check out our upcoming Rising Gen events.