Webinar - Modern Trusts: Roles and Responsibilities


Wednesday, Jun 10, 2020 - 10:00am to 11:00am CDT


Trusts are often used for tax efficient wealth transfer and liability protection.  In exchange for these benefits, however, trusts create certain obligations. Rooted in ancient times, the rules governing trusts are not always intuitive. Understanding their genesis can help us better understand the roles and responsibilities they create and how to apply them apply in a modern context. Whether you are a trustee, beneficiary or thinking of creating a trust, understanding the basics of how a trusts is created and the roles and responsibilities that result, is critical to their success. Join us in this session as we explore a brief history of trusts, the various roles and corresponding responsibilities they create, common generational perspectives that may complicate these roles and some of the flexibility that modern trust statues afford us to better tailor trusts for today’s non-traditional circumstances.







***Attendees of this webinar are eligible to receive one hour of CPE credit upon completion of participation requirements.***

  • Speaker(s)

Amy E. Szostak, Senior Vice President, Director of Family Education and Governance, Northern Trust Company

Working with Northern Trust’s wealthiest client base, Amy has gained insights into how families successfully navigate sustainable intergenerational wealth. She works with families to identify their goals, develop a common purpose, create a framework for decision making, execute succession plans, deliver financial literacy curriculum and cultivate a growing appreciation for the impact of wealth beyond the balance sheet. All of this to empower clients to not only successfully manage their wealth today, but to develop the stewardship skills to flourish long into the future. Prior to her current role, Amy served as the Chief Fiduciary Officer for the Global Family and Private Investment Office Group (GFO) where she oversaw the fiduciary client base in the US, Cayman Islands and Bailiwick of Guernsey.

Amy is a Senior Vice President at Northern Trust. She holds a license to practice law in Illinois, is an active member of STEP (Society of Estate and Trust Practitioners), a Certified Trust and Financial Advisor (CTFA), a Certified Investment Management Analysis (CIMA), and obtained her STEP Certification in International Trust Management (2017).