Webinar - Planning for Family Real Estate


Wednesday, Feb 19, 2020 - 10:00am to 11:00am CST


A cherished beach house, lakeside cottage, mountain retreat, ranch, or other vacation property can foster deep emotional ties for families, creating unique opportunities and challenges over multiple generations. For some families, they can be touchstones for the extended family to gather and serve to define family identity.  For families with operating businesses, shared investments, complex trusts, and other shared assets, such properties can be a gathering place for cousins to get to know one another and build relationships. Along with fostering family connections, shared real estate can also create conflicts and stumbling blocks for families when ownership passes to succeeding generations. Join this webinar to explore some cautionary tales and best practices for managing and passing on these unique assets so the property remains cherished for years to come.






***Attendees of this webinar are eligible to receive one hour of CPE credit upon completion of participation requirements.***

  • Speaker(s)

Stephanie Duignan, Senior Director, Institute for Family Culture, Abbot Downing

As senior director of the Institute for Family Culture, Stephanie’s work focuses on growth, communication effectiveness, and sustainability of wealth from one generation to the next. With over 25 years of talent and leadership development experience, Stephanie understands what is required to build all levels of leadership capabilities. Stephanie works with families on preparation of heirs, governance, business transition and succession planning, philanthropy, and developing the rising generation for leadership roles in the family enterprise.

Before assuming her current role with Abbot Downing, Stephanie led Wells Fargo’s International Talent Strategy, where she focused on the engagement and development of the company’s global talent. In previous roles at Wells Fargo, Stephanie led executive, leadership, and rising talent development initiatives, along with providing executive coaching and strategic consulting on team performance, diversity and inclusion, and individual and business effectiveness. She has also worked in clinical settings providing individual and family counseling for complex and dynamic personal situations.


Bill Lyons, Senior Director, Institute for Family Culture, Abbot Downing

As a senior director of the Institute for Family Culture, Bill works with families to clarify their vision and values, understand their historical legacy in the context of forward-looking planning, and align communication, education, mentoring, and family governance to help enhance their impact on family well-being, business objectives, and philanthropic endeavors. Bill also helps family and business leaders develop transition and legacy plans that include engaging the rising generation and other inheritors in the development of their financial and legal literacy as future wealth owners and beneficiaries.

Prior to joining Abbot Downing, Bill was an independent consultant to entrepreneurs, family leaders, philanthropists, and family offices. He served in senior leadership roles with a single family office, the multifamily office Asset Management Advisors, and the philanthropic advisory firm Arabella Philanthropic Investment Advisors. He also served as a trustee and advisor to several foundations, trusts, and donor collaboratives. 


Ari Messenger, Senior Wealth Planner, Abbot Downing

Ari is a senior wealth planner in Abbot Downing’s San Francisco office. She is responsible for providing wealth transfer and tax planning solutions for clients of Abbot Downing. Ari helps clients understand and meet their wealth transfer goals through Abbot Downing Clarity, cash flow summaries, and estate distribution analysis. Prior to Abbot Downing, Ari was an attorney with Coblentz Patch Duffy and Bass LLP in San Francisco where she focused her practice on estate planning and administration for high-net-worth individuals.