Webinar - Bringing Your Governance Structure to Life: From Paper to Practice

Jul 24 2019

  As families and business grow and become more complex, family governance structures are created to ensure the success of the family enterprise and the preservation of the family and its legacy. But, how do you ensure the success of your governance...

Webinar - Mid-Year Economic Outlook: Establishing a new altitude – investing beyond the peaks

Jul 31 2019

How far can markets go from here? In this mid-summer webinar, Deepak Puri, Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer for Deutsche Bank Wealth Management in the Americas, will look at how market gains can coexist with an outlook of slowing...

Webinar - Getting Real About Software Platforms: The Good, The Bad, and The Mediocre

Aug 07 2019

  The software selection process can be overwhelming and time consuming. What are the options, what functionality do they offer, and how much do they cost? This webinar will help you navigate the different stages of software selection, how to take a...

Webinar - Tools and Strategies for Navigating Difficult Conversations

Aug 14 2019

  One of – if not THE – most essential skills necessary in our profession is the ability to influence the outcome of our interactions with clients and colleagues. Ultimately, we need to be aware of the human element of business if we want to achieve...

FOX Public Webinar: FOX Trends & Insights 2019

Aug 27 2019

Family Office Exchange is committed to identifying trends and issues that have immediate and future impact on families of wealth. In this session, Glen W. Johnson will share emerging industry trends and outline the implications for families and...

Webinar - Family Office Insurance: Risk Management in a Time of Fluctuation

Sep 11 2019

  Many family offices are in a period of change. New family offices continue to emerge; established family offices are shifting strategies and service models. Macroeconomic factors and the perpetually pending market downturn loom over daily...