Webinar - The Art and Science of Effective Talent Selection & Promotion

Mar 20 2019

  People make the difference and getting the right talent in place is crucial for any organization. Indeed, in a family office, there is no place to hide. In this session, we’ll focus on both the art and science of effective selection and promotion...

Webinar - Engage the Rising Gen with Individual Learning Plans

Mar 27 2019

  Every family is challenged to find ways to engage the rising generation in learning about the family enterprise and how to live well with their wealth. Those who have had the most success have found fun, experiential ways to “meet each learner in...

Webinar - Starting and Sustaining Family Meetings: An Insider’s Guide

Apr 03 2019

  Evidence suggests that good communication is a cornerstone of successful wealth transfer among families, and that family meetings are a good platform for communication. Is there such a thing as “bad” communication or a “bad” family meeting? How...

Webinar - 2019 FOX Global Investment Survey Highlights

Apr 10 2019

  One of the most valuable benefits of FOX membership is the peer perspective gleaned by participating in FOX surveys. FOX's Kristi Kuechler, Managing Director of the Investor Market, joins us to provide highlights of what we learned in the 2019...

Webinar - How Saying 'No' Helps Advance Your Philanthropic Mission

Apr 17 2019

Many ultra wealthy families experience a steady flow of incoming donation requests – from friends, other family members, colleagues, even strangers – and saying “no” can be difficult. But just because you can afford to say “yes” doesn’t mean you...

Webinar - SFO by Design: Equipping the Family Office to Meet Changing Demands

Apr 24 2019

  A family office is structured by default rather than by design. In most cases, it is set up to serve the immediate needs of the founder and a limited number of family members. As the family grows, mandates change. How do you ensure that the family...