ROEF Academy


Monday, Sep 30, 2024 - 08:00am
Friday, Oct 04, 2024 - 08:00pm
ROEF Academy

The ROEF Academy takes the field of enterprise family education to a much higher level. It is an innovative, world-class program focused on empowering you to become a more successful, impactful, and inspiring enterprise family member than you ever thought possible. Learn, participate, grow, and connect for generations to come.

Those attending ROEF academy find themselves among like-minded, rising generation enterprise family members who strive to acquire skills and knowledge so that they can contribute to a better world.

Become part of a network of peers who are ready to master both financial and nonfinancial skills to help overcome the universal challenges of transgenerational enterprise families.


Program Structure

The program offers in-person (Amsterdam & Miami) and online learning experiences. Over a 9-month period the program comprises three 5-day modules, one-on-one coaching with your personal mentor and four 2.5-hours scheduled online zoom modules that will help to create a more accessible, diverse, and effective learning environment that maximizes the value and impact of the program.

Who Should Attend

ROEF participants are in their twenties and thirties and come from diverse backgrounds in terms of country of origin, industry, generation, and stage of development of their enterprise family. All participants want to become more engaged owners or leaders in the family business, foundation, family office, or overall enterprise.

Amsterdam, Miami, and Virtual
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