FOXCast CEO Series: Getting Ready for Wealth 3.0 with Jim Grubman

Getting Ready for Wealth 3.0 with Jim Grubman
Publish Date: Wednesday, Jul 12, 2023


Today, I have the pleasure of speaking with Jim Grubman, a prominent thought leader, researcher, and advisor to multigenerational families in our industry. Jim and his equally prominent co-authors, Dennis Jaffe and Kristin Keffeler, have just published their latest book, Wealth 3.0.

Jim and I discuss the Wealth 3.0 concept and the new paradigm it introduces for our field of private wealth management and family wealth advising. We talk about how Wealth 3.0 thinking and practices fundamentally differ from the established practices of the past 3-4 decades.

The change in mindset and behaviors this future paradigm entails will have a broad and far-reaching impact on the wealth management industry at large, and will outright transform the more niche, specialized, and fast-growing field of family wealth advisory services. Everything from how the industry organizes itself to how it conducts research to how advisors are trained and certified to the language and terminology they use in day-to-day conversations with their ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) clients.

The book is a quick and fascinating read, and will likely become an important manifesto, and required reading, for future generations of family wealth advisors. Clients can also benefit greatly from this concept, which can help them evolve their own thinking, their interactions within their family, and their expectations of their trusted family advisors.

Enjoy this conversation, and look for the Wealth 3.0 book, which just came out this week on Amazon.