Jacob Mattox, Relationship Manager at Family Office Exchange

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Jacob Mattox

Relationship Manager

Jacob Mattox is a Relationship Manager at Family Office Exchange (FOX). With roots in a family-owned oil/gas business tied to a family office, Jacob is aware of the breadth of issues family offices are responsible for solving each day. Whether the issues are long-term and strategic or short-term and tactical, Jacob is able to understand the big picture.

Prior to joining FOX, Jacob joined the Bank of Oklahoma (BOK) Specialty Asset Management Group’s Mineral Management team. In 2020, Jacob was promoted to an Officer position as Specialty Asset Manager. This role included comprehensive management across a variety of asset types including working interest, royalty interest, etc. Jacob then followed his passion for family offices in aiding the creation of Family Office Services, remaining at BOK Financial with a focus on rising-generation engagement and family learning programs. During his time in Family Office Services, he served as Private Wealth Associate, working with both internal and external parties to deliver the best customer service experience.

Jacob earned a BS in Business Administration at the University of Oklahoma and is also a 21/64 Certified Advisor in Philanthropy — helping families to work, give and serve together more effectively. Additionally, he is a Psychology of Financial Planning Specialist, completed coursework to obtain a master’s Certificate in Financial Psychology and Behavioral Finance and became a certified Financial Behavior Specialist® through the Financial Psychology Institute and serves on the Wisdom Expedition for the Purposeful Planning Institute.