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Family Wealth Management Advisors

A uniquely curated directory of trusted advisors of family wealth management and lifestyle affairs

Recommended Advisors

Professionals in various disciplines, all recommended by FOX members (excluding financial advisors due to SEC regulations).

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Educators & Facilitators

Experienced in family wealth education and facilities for family retreats and meetings

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Financial Service Providers

Covering banks, custodians, investment consultants, family wealth management advisors, multi-family offices, and asset managers

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Lifestyle Service Providers

A wide-ranging category covering aircraft, art, concierge services, staffing, health services, property management, security, travel, and others

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Philanthropy Advisors

A range of advisors experienced in philanthropy, including education resources, grant managers, and foundation administrators

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Professional Services

Family business consultants, attorneys, accountants, and professionals specializing in tax, human resources, and insurance with experience serving families and family offices

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Technology Providers

Software and technology firms with a focus on those that integrate and provide information, and monitor transactions and performance

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