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Family Wealth Management Advisors

A uniquely curated directory of trusted advisors of family wealth management and lifestyle affairs

Leading Wealth Advisors

Independent, integrated wealth management advisors qualified to serve families with more than $20 million in investable assets.

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Recommended Advisors

Professionals in various disciplines, all recommended by FOX members (excluding financial advisors due to SEC regulations).

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Financial Service Providers

Covering banks, custodians, investment consultants, family wealth management advisors, multi-family offices, and asset managers

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Educators & Facilitators

Experienced in family wealth education and facilities for family retreats and meetings

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Lifestyle Managers

A wide-ranging category covering aircraft, art, concierge services, staffing, health services, property management, security, travel, and others

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Philanthropy Advisors

A range of advisors experienced in philanthropy, including education resources, grant managers, and foundation administrators

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Professional Services

Family business consultants, attorneys, accountants, and professionals specializing in tax, human resources, and insurance with experience serving families and family offices

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Technology Providers

Software and technology firms with a focus on those that integrate and provide information, and monitor transactions and performance

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