Advisor Development 101

Course Length: 3 Modules  |  Video: 2 hrs 5 min  |  Application: 6 hrs

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The advisor of the future must understand the fundamentals of human capital and become skilled enough to facilitate and coach their clients through major life transitions that require more than financial skills. Through a connected sequence of three comprehensive learning modules, this course will equip the early- to mid-career advisor and family office professional with the qualitative skills necessary for increasing responsibilities with both their clients and colleagues. These skills are essential to build trust and rapport and to navigate the increasing complexities of working with families of wealth.


Early to mid-career advisors who work in single-family, multi-family, and specialty firms focused on family-owned businesses and family enterprise.

This e-learning course is a pre-cursor for those who desire to attend the FOX Family Advisor Training Program.


Advisor Development 101 includes three introductory modules covering fundamental topics and practical application to become an advisor of the future. Complete the course to earn a digital badge to certify your knowledge. Click on the ‘+’ signs below to see descriptions of each module.

Module 1: Effective Communication
30 min Video | 1 hr 45 min
Reading & Exercises

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the importance of self-awareness and how that relates to effectively communicating with clients and colleagues. Improve your emotional intelligence and develop confidence using active listening techniques to navigate professional and client relationships. The skills and techniques learned will prepare the advisor for increased responsibilities and complexity, while also building a firm foundation of trust with colleagues and key stakeholders involved in the client engagement process.

Module 2: Maximize Interpersonal Skills to Grow Your Influence
30 min Video | 1 hr 35 min
Reading & Exercises

Build upon your understanding and practice of communication skills from Module 1 and develop effective interpersonal practices. Learn behaviors to build trust, creative approaches to gain agreement for effective decision-making, basic facilitation skills, and the effective use of communication mediums. Rooted in a deep understanding that behavior precedes results, these interpersonal skills will move the professional beyond the expected level of transactional expertise to a higher, more advanced level of influence.

Module 3: Understanding Family Dynamics
30 min Video | 2 hrs 40 min
Reading & Exercises

Develop a foundational understanding of family dynamics in wealth advising and family office support by learning family systems theory and basic family patterns and models, particularly as they relate to generational wealth transitions. Build skills in assessing readiness for family meetings, basic meeting design, and meeting facilitation techniques. Ultimately, grow your ability to support the family's needs beyond financial capital goals.

3 Modules
1 hrs 30 min Video | 6 hrs
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Advisor Development 101 includes three introductory modules covering fundamental topics and practical application to become an advisor of the future. Complete the course to earn a digital badge to certify your knowledge. Click on the ‘+’ signs above to see descriptions of each module.

Additional Course Information

Complete the course to earn a digital badge certifying your understanding of effective communication, interpersonal skills to grow your influence, and family dynamics to become an advisor of the future. Contact FOX to inquire about group discounts.

Achieve the following by completing the course:

  • Develop self-awareness to adapt your communication style that is flexible and effective
  • Learn simple and effective techniques like active listening and appropriate use of communication mediums while interacting with clients and colleagues
  • Explore best practices for client meeting preparation to improve communication and workflow
  • Learn reflective listening techniques to understand both the values and emotions of clients
  • Understand basic family dynamics related to business-owning families and generational wealth transitions
  • Develop techniques to expand involvement and influence with the broader family

Mindy Kalinowski Earley, CMP, CFBA | Chief Learning Officer​

Mindy Kalinowski Earley is Chief Learning Officer for Family Office Exchange. In her role, she fosters integrated learning programs for enterprise families and is responsible for developing the family learning community. She co-chairs the FOX Rising Gen program and serves as an outsourced Chief Learning Office to FOX members. Mindy is inspired by helping people learn, grow, and discover how they will make personal and productive contributions, using their strengths and talents.​

Mindy has held various roles in small and large family offices and has been responsible for creating and stewarding professional learning networks supporting human and intellectual capital. She has designed learning experiences that increase the knowledge base and enhance the life path of individuals while providing personalized support and coaching to help them meet their goals. As a Strong Interest Inventory facilitator with a certificate in Family Business Advising, she enjoys helping families and rising generation members navigate the unique world of family enterprise and family relationships by understanding that responsibility and intention pave a path to personal achievement and satisfaction. She has been featured in the New York Times, Family Business Magazine, and Successful Generations podcast and is a regular speaker and facilitator. Mindy lives in Rockford, MI, with her husband, daughter, and Bernedoodle.​

Allison Lawshe​ | Learning Center Program Manager​

Allison Lawshe is the Learning Center Program Manager at Family Office Exchange (FOX). In her role, she supports the design and delivery of learning programs, customized consulting projects, content creation and thought leadership for families, family office staff and advisors. She serves as the project manager for FOX Learning Center initiatives, as a key contributor to the Rising Gen Leadership Program and Family Advisor Training Program, and champions family learning and rising generation engagement. Allison is a purpose-driven professional dedicated to empowering individuals and families to step into their greatness and amplify their impact – for themselves, their families, their communities, and the world.

Allison brings ten years of family foundation experience to her work at FOX, most recently serving on the leadership team as Chief Program Officer at the IDP Foundation, Inc. She led the international education portfolio, which included strategic planning, cultivating and managing collaborative partnerships, global advocacy efforts, and scaling of a training and financing program to over 600 schools across Ghana.

Allison has an MPP from the University of Chicago, a BA in Economics and Latin American, Caribbean & Iberian Studies from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. She is a Certified Professional Coach and Everything DiSC Workplace® Facilitator. She also volunteers as an Executive Coach with the Executive Service Corps to propel the development of nonprofit leaders.

Jeff Strese​ | Family Learning & Leadership Consultant

Jeff Strese is the Family Learning & Leadership Consultant at Family Office Exchange (FOX). As a consultant, Jeff has focused on multi-generational family enterprises, corporations, and mission-driven nonprofit organizations. He has more than 25 years of experience working across industries in the areas of leadership development, organizational effectiveness, and family dynamics. He holds certifications in family wealth and family business advising (CFWA, CFBA).

Jeff is passionate about helping family businesses and organizations create clarity out of the complex and inspiring leaders from all backgrounds to develop and master critical skills like coaching, communication and emotional intelligence. He has developed innovative programs to guide next-generation leaders to reach their full potential in a fast-paced, global economy.

Jeff has served as Chief Talent and Learning Officer (CTLO) at Tolleson Wealth Management, a multi-family office serving client families across the country. Prior to his role at Tolleson, Jeff served as the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) at Southern Methodist University (SMU).

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FOX offers learning opportunities for advisor training in e-learning and in-person formats. The e-learning course is intended for early- to mid-career individuals seeking a self-directed and self-paced opportunity.

The FOX Family Advisor Training Program is a more comprehensive program, designed for mid- to senior-level advisors consisting of three 90-minute virtual sessions and a 2-day in-person intensive program with a cohort of peer advisors and family office professionals. Please visit our workshops page if you are interested in the Family Advisor Training Program to see upcoming dates and details.

At this time CPE credit is not available for the e-learning course. By completing the full course, you will earn a digital badge. CPE credit is available for the FOX Family Advisor Training Program.

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