Families in Transition

Families experiencing a transition such as a generational transition, a rift in family governance, or the sale of a business

Sound familiar?

Many individuals come to FOX when the family is undergoing or about to undergo a change.

Changes come in many shapes and sizes, such as:

  • A transformational infusion of liquid wealth from the sale of a business
  • The passing of the leadership baton from one generation to the next
  • The relocation of the family office to a more favorable tax or legal jurisdiction
  • Strife within the family that necessitates the splitting of management of the wealth

Other transitions can result from a marriage, a divorce, the hiring of new advisors, or the termination of trust.

FOX can help

Stress from transitions can be eased by tapping into the knowledge about such events that resides in the FOX network. Your relationship manager can put you in touch with:

  • FOX-identified best practices and research studies
  • Articles, case studies, and checklists in the FOX Knowledge Center
  • The experience of others who have experienced similar transitions
  • Peers and experts who can be of assistance
  • The FOX consulting team, if appropriate, for a custom solution

Please review the content in the Knowledge Center to see what we have on the transition at hand and browse upcoming Learning Events to see what fits you.

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