2021 FOX Family Forum - October 28 Recap

Date: Nov 03 2021

Erin Hulse


Erin Hulse is the Founder of Deviate Consulting, LLC, which focuses on accounting, software consulting and selection for family offices, investment advisors, hedge funds, fund administrators and small businesses throughout the world. Software focus includes multiple investment accounting, portfolio accounting and wealth management suites prominent in the industry.

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FOX is back in person! Last week, family members, offices executives, and their advisors joined together to hear and discuss how families have achieved positive chnage and successfully transitioned to future generations throughout 2021. Read below to get a peek into the event.

FOX Family Office Forum – October 28, 2021

Disruptions and Their Impact on Family Offices – Glen Johnson and Peter Moustakerski

  • Transitions, talent, and technology – The three ‘T’ trends – Mega Disruptions
  • FOX Polls:
    • What is your top concern for the next 12 months?
      1. Family/generational transitions
      2. Talent
      3. Technology 
      4. Family office executive transitions
    • What is your top concern for the next 12 months?
      1. Rising gen engagement
      2.  Succession
      3.  Cybersecurity 
    • What is your top concern for the next 12 months?
      1.  Recruiting
      2.  Development 
      3. Retention, succession 
      4. Culture
    • What is your top concern for the next 12 months?
      1.  Cybersecurity, AI and real-time reporting 
      2.  Virtual collaboration 
      3. Blockchain and predictive analytics 
  • Transitions disruption and mitigation strategies
  • Transitions - family leadership, FO executives, advisors, values
    • Succession planning
    • Governance infrastructure
    • Education and engagement programs
  • Talent – resignations, scarcity, wellness, purpose
    • Workplace flexibility and wellness
    • Staff development and engagement
    • Values and culture
  • Technology – Owner-focused, ecosystems, cybersecurity, data privacy
    • Integrated tech strategy
    • Outsourcing and partnering
    •  Frontier technologies

New Frontiers Creating Investment Opportunities – Bill Burkoth and Denny Boyle, with Jonathan Tunner

  • Polls:
    • How do you typically source private investment opportunities?
      1.  Funds 
      2. Direct 
      3. NOTA 
      4. Co-invest 
      5. Side Car 
    • How would you prefer to source frontier investment opportunities?
      1. Funds
      2. Co-invest
      3. Direct 
  • Science is at a historic inflection point
  • What is driving the golden age of biology?
    • The speed of technical progress
    • Improved understanding of human biology
    • New therapeutic modalities
  • An explosion of new modalities
    • Unlocking massive new categories of innovation like gene editing and mRNA
  • Venture-backed startups are leading the way
    • Source of new drug innovation – emerging biopharma
  • Innovation is creating a new capital flywheel
    • Bringing new investors to life sciences
    • 137 life science IPOs in 2019-20
  • Biopharma
    • Rare diseases
    • Immunology
    • Oncology
    • Neuroscience

Making the incredibly complex, unnoticeable

  • Venture-backed fintech is leading the way
    • Plaid
    • Stripe
    • Affirm
    • Highnote
    • Modern Treasury 
    • Fireblocks
    • Chainalysis
    • DriveWealth
  • Fintech value creation
  • Where are we spending our time? – Empowering all industries
    • Payment digitization 
    • Authentication with security
    • Embedded financial products