2022 FOX Technology Showcase, Day Three Recap

Date: Jun 17 2022

Erin Hulse


Erin Hulse is the Founder of Deviate Consulting, LLC, which focuses on accounting, software consulting and selection for family offices, investment advisors, hedge funds, fund administrators and small businesses throughout the world. Software focus includes multiple investment accounting, portfolio accounting and wealth management suites prominent in the industry.

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Daily Review of the FOX Technology Showcase is prepared in partnership by Erin Hulse of Deviate Consulting, a FOX Technology Resource Partner, and by Kent Lawson of FOX


Presentation – SEI – Cyber Threats – Key Takeaways from a Global Financial Firm

Dave Detweiler – Managing Director

Learn how SEI’s experience as a regulated financial firm translates to a hyper awareness of existing threats, so that you can ensure your family office is truly doing enough to protect and secure your private client data.

    • Cybersecurity is by no means novel, but in an evolving landscape which is affected by
      • New technologies
      • Geopolitical tensions
      • Larger-than-ever digital footprint
    • Attackers have evolved over the years
    • Every firm needs a fiduciary
    • What do fiduciary business leaders care about?
      • System availability
      • Protection of company and member data
      • Intellectual property
      • Compliance
      • Staying out of the headlines
      • Thinking ahead: future-proofing the organization
    • Accept cyber as an investment
      • ROI may be difficult to prove
      • But it’s an essential foundation of the business
    • Find an owner and empower them
      • Who is driving security at our organization?
        • Legal?
        • Audit?
        • CRO?
        • IT?
      • Look for security fiduciaries
        • They understand risk
        • Assign ownership, give authority and drive toward maturity against a framework


Technology Showcase Snapshot: A Technology Company Introduction - Giving Place

Paul Lussow – Co-Founder and CEO

    • Giving Place is a software solution for optimizing family charitable giving.
      • Offer a single portal for all giving vehicles
        • Cash
        • Donor advised funds (DAFs)
        • Community foundations
        • Private foundations
      • Reporting, forecasting and other analytics for a family's complete giving.
      • Remove the burden of administering charitable gifts
      • Free donors to focus on the who and why they want to give, making philanthropy a more enjoyable experience for the whole family.
    • Most family offices are managing complex and large-scale philanthropy in disconnected spreadsheets
      • Limited solutions in the marketplace were either specific to DAFs or private foundations and did not integrate both.
    • Get holistic view of your giving regardless of charity or gift type
    • View information in dashboards that are easy to share with others
    • Organize all relevant information with your charitable relationships
    • Make year-end reporting, tax prep and compliance easy for your family or tax advisor
    • Set a strategy with family members and see the impact you’re making by charity


Demo – Eton Solutions

Stuart Guidry – Platform Consultant

Phil Ierardi

Eton Solutions is a software and services company founded to handle the complexities of servicing ultra-high net worth families. Created by family office leaders, Eton Solutions’ flagship product is AtlasFive®, an integrated platform that offers:

      • Holistic aggregation of data
      • Reporting
      • Workflow processes
    • Purpose-built ERP system to manage the complexities of family offices
    • The only comprehensive technology platform that seamlessly connects all data, services, and stakeholders within family offices.
    • AtlasFive allows single and multi-family offices to:
      • Adopt lean business practices
      • Eliminate spreadsheets and manual work processes
      • Accurately report on activities and data anywhere and anytime
      • Frees offices to concentrate more time and resources on delivering higher-value advisory services
      • One source of truth leads family offices into the future by maximizing efficiency and minimizing errors and risk
    • $425B + on the platform
    • 250+ dedicated employees across the globe
    • Worldwide support and services in all time zones
    • $20M+ in product development over the last two years in key areas such as:
      • Fund Accounting
      • Tax ledger
      • AI driven transaction processing
    • Complexity is minimized through best practice business processes, templates and workflows
    • Process management proactively provides efficiencies and reduces cost
    • Auditable tasks optimizing business processes and workflows provide transparency, segregation of duties and risk reduction
    • Move from manual tasks to higher level value add for the family
    • Deliver reports and answer questions faster and more accurately
    • Enhance staffing and training by systemizing knowledge


Demo - Summitas

Joelle Forster – Director, Strategic Growth

Bill Wyman – President, Family Office Services

Summitas Driving Principles:

    • Privacy and Security
      • Ensure privacy, share and protect vital information, and create a focal point for client, advisor, and office communication.
    • Point-and-click simplicity
      • Use apps to streamline processes from statement delivery and advisories to financial dashboards and eSignature.
    • Increased Engagement
      • Deliver branded portals that extend online identity, convey vision and capabilities, and increase client retention.
    • Controlled Access
      • Restrict entry using multifactor authentication, roles, permissions, and cryptography.

Summitas Platform® is accessed through Web browsers and mobile applications to:

    • Simplify operations
    • Increase communication
    • Provide a safe way to organize, protect, and share information
    • Digital vault
    • Integration of financial information
    • Branded portal
    • Streamline workflows
    • Modern cryptographic algorithms and strict internal policies and controls protect user data and privacy.
    • Summitas EngageSM - professional services team that oversees setup, branding, training, bespoke platform app development, and ongoing “white glove” support
    • Summitas is vendor neutral