Addepar - With a Brand-New Chief Technology Officer Taking the Helm, What Shifts in the Tech Stack will Addepar Follow?

Date: Aug 14 2020

David Toth, Managing Director

Addepar is a state-of-the-art wealth management platform that specializes in data aggregation and performance reporting for complex investment portfolios. Addepar helps over 400 clients, 40% of whom are family offices, gain global insights across asset class exposures. The Addepar platform has grown exponentially in the past few years with nearly $2 trillion managed on the platform today. Over 200 family offices have chosen Addepar, and so far this year 25% of new business has come through referrals from existing clients. This is a huge testament to their client experience.

Addepar’s new Chief Technology Officer, Ruchir Swarup, joined Addepar in the middle of the pandemic. Swarup says Addepar listens to client needs and feedback to drive the roadmap in developing their platform. In fact, Addepar just launched a collaborative element to the platform, to amplify the client voice and share ideas.

Family offices are seemingly seeking portfolios with a risk-diversified, sustainable-return investment approach. Based on what Addepar has seen, family offices want access to a wider array of investment opportunities. Addepar presents a unique combination of extreme flexibility and scale in “slicing and dicing” data from complex portfolios and seeks to distinguish itself through deeper capabilities in representing all forms of investment vehicles and through operational efficiency.

Family offices appear to have three priorities right now: achieving operational efficiency, lowering business risk, and facilitating tailored communication. Addepar is helping clients achieve these goals by investing heavily in the following areas:

Data coverage, including custodial data feeds, fund administrators, data aggregators and data warehouses. Clients will be able to access thousands of data sources across all assets.

Data aggregation and data verification allows for flexible ownership, mapping and modeling, third-party market data environment, and a dedicated data verification team.


The analysis of advanced metrics through performance, risk and accounting, providing a native data model for alternatives and full multi-currency support.

A reporting and client portal with intuitive custom reporting, quality presentation design, and a client portal to access analysis dashboards and reports.

To ensure data integrations are as automated and timely as possible, Addepar is investing heavily into API (application programming interface) based integrations, with direct feeds to service providers, that are backed by sophisticated cleansing tools – all with the singular focus on providing the best quality data for investment decision making.

Addepar recently announced the launch of their new Market Place Platform to provide innovative investment opportunities, but also to digitally connect the investment decision-making process to excellence in operational execution. This saves time and creates efficiencies for clients, bringing more digitization and less manual effort.

Lastly, no tech strategy today is complete without an acute focus on data and platform security. Swarup will be focused precisely on this, weaving access controls deeper into the entire data pipeline, hardening the overall security profile of the platform, and reducing the attack “service area.” No platform in the world is completely immune to attacks, but Addepar understands the tremendous trust that clients place in them and continues to maintain a very high bar for overall information security practices.

David Toth - Family Office Exchange

David Toth is a managing director at FOX. In his role, he constructs actionable insights and strategic analyses for family offices and wealth management advisor members. He developed a pathway of initiatives that assist family offices and wealth advisors in building pricing strategies, elevating client experience, talent management strategies and optimizing team structure, and achieving profitable growth. David has authored a number of reports including our recently published study on the “Transformation of the Ultra-Wealth Business.” David serves as co-moderator of FOX’s Multi-Family Office (MFO), Integrated Wealth Advisor (IWAC) Councils, and the Strategic CIO Council (SCIOC).

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