Navigating Dating Apps: A Guide to Protecting your Privacy

Navigating Dating Apps: A Guide to Protecting your Privacy

Feb 14, 2024
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With love in the air this Valentine’s Day, there’s no better time to be looking for a partner! The question remains however, where and how do you look and how do you do so safely? In the fast-paced world of dating apps, maintaining privacy is crucial, especially for high net worth singles.

Here are some essential tips and practical steps to safeguard your personal information on dating apps in this digital age.

Key Takeaways

  • Limit personal information sharing to maintain your privacy and empower yourself
  • Use a Google Voice Number for added privacy protection
  • Enable Private/ Incognito Mode to browse dating apps anonymously
  • Keep the conversation on the dating app
  • Always meet in a public place for the first time

1) Create a New Email for Dating

A best practice is to create a new email just for dating. This preserves your identity and also allows all the marketing and informational emails from the dating app to come to this one dedicated inbox. Create a username that doesn’t identify your name such as JazzGuy24. You can create a new account on many email services, yet we recommend using Google’s Gmail as you can also get a Google Voice number tied to it for free – more on that later!

2) Don’t Share Personal Information

In the digital age, protecting your personal information is paramount, especially on dating sites where you are constantly exposed to people you don’t know. Be judicious about the details you share; even seemingly innocuous information can be pieced together to form a larger picture of your identity and whereabouts. 

With this in mind, it is paramount to be mindful of profile details. While showcasing your personality is important, avoid oversharing personal details. 

  • Do not use your first or last name in your profile name. Use a pseudonym to add an extra layer of anonymity. This prevents a quick online search from leading to your identity.
  • Do not share your first name when you start to banter. Use your pseudonym if you feel the need to share a name.
  • Avoid sharing your address, colleges/institutions attended, work details, places you volunteer, or boards you serve on.
  • Be cautious with photos that reveal your location, lifestyle, or other personal details. Although you may think a photo doesn’t reveal much, always be sure to check the background of the pictures. For example, a selfie from the office may contain confidential paperwork or personal information exposed on the desk/computer.
  • Protect details about your financial status and lifestyle. While you’ll want to highlight interests and hobbies, do so without revealing too much about your lifestyle. For instance, even if you like playing polo and sailing at the yacht club each weekend, we don’t want to highlight these hobbies as they can suggest a certain lifestyle. Best to stick to your hobbies that are more mainstream.

Privacy is not about secrecy, but about controlling your own narrative. By carefully curating what you share, you empower yourself to reveal your story on your own terms.

Remember, every piece of personal information you provide is a thread in the tapestry of your digital footprint. Keep that tapestry as abstract as possible to protect your privacy.

3) Use a Google Voice Number

In the digital age, protecting your phone number is as crucial as safeguarding your home address. Using a Google Voice number when signing up for dating apps is a smart move in tandem with creating a new email address. It allows you to maintain communication without revealing your real number, thus keeping your privacy intact. This simple step can significantly reduce the risk of unwanted contact or breaches of personal security.

By keeping your real number private, you create an additional layer of security. It's a buffer that gives you the freedom to block calls or texts without impacting your actual phone service.

4) Enable Incognito Mode

In the digital dating arena, maintaining your privacy is paramount. Enable Incognito Mode on your dating apps to control who sees your profile. This feature allows you to be invisible to everyone on the platform unless you've swiped right on their profile or responded to their messages. It's a strategic way to shield your presence from the masses and avoid unwanted attention.

Incognito Mode is particularly beneficial for singles who wish to protect their identity on the dating app. 

Here's a quick guide on how to use Incognito Mode effectively:

  • Activate the feature in your app's privacy settings. It is a premium feature costing about $50 a month, depending on the dating app you use.
  • Review the profiles with discretion and only engage with those you are truly interested in.
  • Regularly update your privacy preferences to stay in control of your visibility.

5) Dating Apps with Incognito/Private Mode Feature

While it’s always changing, here are a few dating apps that offer this special premium feature that allows you to share your profile and photos on your own terms.

  • Tinder:
    • Tinder offers a paid feature called Tinder Plus, which includes an incognito mode. This allows users to browse profiles without being visible to others until they swipe right.
  • OkCupid:
    • OkCupid's Incognito Mode lets you browse profiles anonymously, and it also allows you to see who likes you without revealing your identity until you decide to connect.
  • Bumble:
    • Bumble’s Incognito feature allows you to keep your information private until you swipe right on a profile. They also have a Snooze feature, allowing users to take a break from the app without losing connections. This helps maintain privacy by ensuring your profile isn't active when you prefer to stay under the radar.
    • Private Mode is a feature on that allows you to share your profile only with individuals you communicate with.

6) Keep the Conversation on the Dating App

It’s always best to keep your message exchange on the dating app. Some singles will provide their email or phone number to have you contact them off the dating app. Don’t do it. Keep the conversation on the dating app until you have met this person and feel comfortable interacting with them off the dating app.  Many apps offer the ability to do a phone call or video chat on their app platform - use it!

7) Always Meet in a Public Place

Although the initial communications will be digital via the app, when the time comes to meet in person, don’t allow a first date to pick you up or drive you home from a first date. Do not allow your date to call a Lyft for you, since it will require sharing your home address.  You want to get to know them in a public setting over a series of dates before they know where you live. Also, always let a friend or family member know your date details so they can check-in with you later.


Safeguarding your privacy on dating apps as a single is crucial in today's digital age. Remember to prioritize and empower your safety while exploring romantic connections on dating sites. By implementing these tangible tips, you can have fun safely navigating the world of online dating with confidence and peace of mind.

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